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    Elegant but slippery

    This is my first apple branded case after using iPhone for 5+ years.
    - it's very protective of the phone inside the case from dust that could stray in
    - dust unlikely to stray in given the snug fit of the case; whilst still being easy to install or remove
    - my old unbranded silicone case would stay in my hand with little effort. You could place it on a polished/glossy angled surface and it wouldn't budge.
    - this case however does not; it very slowly slides down.
    - if you're holding your phone vertically by the sides it takes a reasonably firm grip to stop it from slipping very gradually.
    - you constantly have to re-adjust your grip to hold it. Easiest solution is to have your little finger around the base.
    - other than this it looks great and feels 'nice'.
    Previous models of this case the slipperiness has reduced with time.
    I guess we will see!

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