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    Wish I could give it no stars

    Unbelievably stupid decision to get rid of the headphone jack. Suddenly all my earphones and sleep devices need these stupid adapters which are easily lost and barely work. The audio quality is rubbish. And you can't charge while listening. Worst design mistake in Apple's history.

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    Lose it, break it

    One busted, two lost. Thought I'd buy a bucket-load of third party versions as I'm getting tired of ordering over and over for such an unnecessary and bad product - it's interesting to see that software updates have already stopped the ebay knock--offs from working.
    Corporate courage at it's finest.

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    Will break after 4 months

    I hope nobody can hear me every time I whisper terrible things under my breath every time this adapter pauses my music/switches to the next song/activates Siri when I'm not even touching my phone. I am on my second adapter that has broken in the same way that my first one did. Steve Jobs would be ashamed of this terrible product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    not a great idea

    can't charge while listening to music.

    have to keep buying replacements.

    about as poor as the wireless headphones.

    hello samsung

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    Worst product change ever by Apple

    Be prepared to spend a lot of money keeping a bag of these around because they will be getting lost, left on planes etc. And if you need to charge and use audio then you are screwed again unless you get BT headphones. Even the new RED Smartphone stuck with the 3.5MM jack.

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    I understand the incentive to rework and improve and that's almost always positive. The fact that Apple is now forcing its customers to purchase an adapter simply to continue using a basic function of any smartphone is ridiculous. The adapter is cheaply made and lacks longevity, decreases sound quality, and is just an inconvenience.

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    This is Apple's worst idea yet! I should have known better. The thing worked for a small number of days before it started disconnecting from my phone and I had to keep taking it back out then putting it back in. Also I always need the thing when it's either in my other bag or i have used it for something else and left it there, until I lost the thing anyway! It may only be £9.99 to buy a new one but I can't bring myself to even value it above 99p. I tried buying a cheaper version but I obviously had all the same problems. Solution being Apple needs to bring the jack back ASAP.

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    As others have said, flimsy, broke after a few weeks of using in my car, and sound quality wasnt there. Sorry Apple, ive been a long time customer (G4, G5, 2 iMacs, macbook pro, 3 ipads, 4 ipods, almost every version of iphone) but this is a major disappointment. Some things are better left untouched! This will be my last iphone if future models have this feature for audio.

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    Poor output, mediocre/poor sound quality.

    Because the DAC/headphone amp had to be fitted into this adapter, it's performance is quite pathetic.

    Even with basic earbuds vol has to be cranked to about 90% for sufficient sound level. Bass output is very shallow and the rest of the scale does not deserve praises either.

    The only thing that is somewhat acceptable is the price. Because you are going to need to buy a new one, since you are going to lose or break this thing eventually.

    Apple, you are going down. The only reason I am using your product is that my employee gives me no options. Original innovative Apple has been long gone... :(

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    Stupidest product from apple

    This is a total waste of time but only does it break easy because of the length it extends but it keeps cutting calls out as there's nit 2 connection points instead of one . Seriously Steve jobs wil be rolling in his grave with this piece of crao product.

    And they expect people to pay $12 for it.

    If they had an option to give it 0 stars I would

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    Poorly Made

    I have gone through 5 of these in less than 6 months. They are not made if you are very active; running, working out ect. I wish they would make a solid adapter not one with a cord.

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    I am constantly needing this adapter when I don't have it. Just got in the car for a trip and realized its at home plugged into my PC headphones. So I have 3 hours of driving with no access to music. It's annoying to tote around this tiny piece of equipment just to do what my previous 2 iPhones did. Why are you punishing me, Apple?

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    So disappointed

    I am so disappointed the jack stopped working and now I can use hands free at all.
    I will never buy another iPhone or any other apple product.

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    A disaster

    It's not playing my music in a high quality
    And i have compared it with an iPhone 6s ,
    And there was a huge gap between the two
    Please do something about it .
    Please .

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    This will be my last Iphone for sure. The adapter is garbage and ridiculous. I started losing one side of audio in my car to pretty much losing all audio unless I somehow found the right niche at the connector. I went out and bought a new line and adapter...SAME THING.

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    This is garbage it broke down on me within a month twice now
    This is infuriating to be listening to music and have Siri turn on or the music pause or even speeding up skipping restarting the song it's extremely enfuriating to deal with the this. I could be watching a YouTube video and bam it will just start skipping restarting pausing playing opening Siri when I'm just trying to watch a vid. Fix this NOW I have already decided to make the switch to android for my next phone until this gets fixed.

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    Cheap & Fragile

    These adapters seem to work great if they are held in a extended, static position for the entire life of the adapter (not practical). If a user lives their life as normal, and the adapter is used, and subsequently bent in ways in which it is intended to be (listening to music through headphones when the phone is in your pocket; listening to music through an auxiliary cable while driving; working out; etc. etc.), it seems to fail very quickly (within a couple months) at generating acceptable sound quality. My suggestion to Apple would be to produce more durable adapters, potentially an "active" style of some kind.

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    Only last a few months

    These are terrible. The iPhone 7 losing the 3.5mm jack is the worst design decision Apple has made. The experience of using this miserable dongle just to get headphones to work with an iPhone is the worst. I miss my iPhone 4, 5, and 6, any of them would be an improvement over the 7.

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    Headphone mess up

    Well Apple, i have been using your products for that may years, I have lost count, 20+ years, and having just read all these wonderful reviews, (not).
    My phone contract is about to finish, I'm going to move to Android, and I'm sure plenty of other users are considering doing the same.
    I do hope you are listening to these reviews, as this is a monumental cock-up. Audio always sounds better with a cable vs Bluetooth.

    I thought you would also like to know that the lightning charge socket on my iphone 6 plus, (which is not yet 2 years old) also has stopped charging, and its not the cable, its the in-put lightning socket itself.

    This is rubbish, quality control and common sense seems to have gone missing at Apple, you need to get back on track!!!

    Not a very happy customer.

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    Best thing ever

    I have been using this with cheap earbuds since I lost the ones that came with the phone. It has never stopped working and has been dropped many times and water has gotten into it. The microphone in the earbuds work with it as well. Very durable product.

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