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    Black iPhone with white jack adapter

    Black iPhone with white jack adapter... what's a joke? And how can I connect my Lighting headphones to the MacBook Pro?

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    I'm shocked Apple has produced such a subpar product, and that they would charge iPhone users for a feature they decided to remove. Fragile piece of junk.

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    Dumb idea

    Very inconvenient to use with aux cords. Easy to lose, expensive (in my opinion) to replace.

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    The adapter is flimsy and causes output to cut off. While using it with a non-Bluetooth input any pop up messages on your phone will stop the music. If you are not ready to commit to a total Bluetooth set up think twice before upgrading to the iPhone 7. Their commitment to a solution for non-Bluetooth output appears half hearted. This is not a solution on which you can rely. I have had to break out my old iPod in order to play music on my non-Bluetooth enabled system. Very disappointed in Apple and this product.

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    is not this whole idea a joke !!! cheaply made not for purpose. lost mine already but hey, what if you need to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time?

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    stopped working

    I shouldn't even have to be buying this but my adapter stopped working a couple months after I bought it. Apple should just give these out for free because it's ridiculous that I have to buy another one after only having it for a couple months.

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    Flimsy piece of junk that either gets lost or breaks !

    When I first felt this thing I was shocked. It just feels so flimsy. My first thought was this can't last more than a month or 2. I was wrong. It lasted 3 months. This cheaply designed converter doesn't stand a chance with heavy headphone cables plugged into to it. All of that weight pulling on that thin weak wire right at the connection to the lightning part is just too much for it. You have to be super careful whenever you use it. Its more than mildly annoying !! What were they thinking? Did they try plugging in anything other than light weight earbud cables. Did they not realize the growing trend in the use of big headphones with substantial cables. Did they ever hear of Beats (which detest, but its an example) , oh wait ..... they own Beats ... Didn't they try them and see how it pulls on the adapter at the joint?

    Even if it didn't break, I would have lost that scrawny thing !!!!! I've already lost 2 replacements !!! Even before I lost them, I kept misplacing them everywhere. Who needs to keep track of one more thing? I've got to bring my wallet, my keys, my work badge and my phone .... and now I have to keep making sure that I bring that rat tail with me everywhere? Apple you just added an unnecessary step to my life !!! Who needs another burden ???

    Bluetooth ? ... Why should I have to abandon all of my high end $500-1500 headphones to get junky Bluetooth headphones ... they are never as good as wired and have to be charged (another gadget to carry around and lose) ????

    I hate what Apple did, I really do. They need to go back to the 3.5mm connector. What did they accomplish ... 0.2mm thinner? that's imperceptible. ... waterproof? ... I won't go swimming, take pictures while standing in the rain, or drop it in the toilet, I promise !

    Many have suffered for the few !

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    Great product

    I don't understand the negative reviews...
    Sure if the phone had kept the 3.5mm connector many of us would be better off.
    Still I think Apple offered the best replacement they could with this adapter.
    Honestly the sound quality is superior than the previous integrated audio.
    I tested with a few headphones including the very revealing Shure SE846 and the adapter beats a 6S hands down.
    Now for the durability I don't know what people do with it but I have been using my adapter for 6 months now and no issue or sign of wear. I guess I take care of my stuff...

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    Works fine with headphones with mic

    I have the bose noise cancelling microphone for iphone and this works with my headphones and mic. I take conference calls using it all the time. Wish apple made an option to have two adapters (one headphone and one lighting) in one so I can charge and listen to calls / music.

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    sound quality goes out the window with iPhones 7 headphone adapter

    I bought a set of the Bose QC20 headphones in 2016, which are amazing btw, and when plugged into my iPhone 7, with the phones stock and included lighting to headphone adapter, they sound half the quality the earbuds are capable of. Please create a better adapter Apple.

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    A fraud

    I have always been a huge fan of Apple products, but this product is a real joke... so disappointed

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    I own a 7 plus and I had to get it replaced seems after every 1-2 months so. In past 6 months I visited Apple store i think 4 times to get it replaced! pathetic quality.

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    Cheaply Made and Worth About $0.01

    Cover to adapter separates from connection. Total ripoff and a piece of garbage.

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    First of all, this product breaks in about 3 months. Second, it doesn't play music properly. It keeps skipping or pausing songs. It also turns on Voice Control. This is the worst product i've ever used. I hope for the next iPhone, we wouldn't have to use this.

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    Failed after only a few months of normal use. No sign of a better product with adequate compatibility on the market. I am back to using my 2007 iPod to listen to music as my wonderfully expensive iPhone 7 is now unusable for this.

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    Fire the "genius" behind this

    Just fire the guy who did this because I know dam well when the 7S comes out there better be a headphone jack or I'm switching to android

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    This adapter is terrible, I've had to buy 4 since I've had my iPhone 7 plus and I've only had it for a few months. These things are so cheaply made.

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    Poor quality

    Didn't realise the iPhone 7 didnt have a headphone jack when I got it so cannot play music in my car anymore. The connector seemed like a great solution but it is poor quality and the wiring on the inside went having only used it a couple of times so now it does not work.

    Apple... your products are so expensive and people buy them for a certain level of quality that you do not get elsewhere, please ensure that this quality goes throughout ALL your products.

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    Apple get your Sh#t together...

    Apple you made an inferior quality product!! And you software update now prevents me from using a superior product! Fu#ked up.
    Terrible quality for the price!
    I bought the iPhone 7 with the full knowledge I'd have to use an adaptor. It's mildly annoying, but the phone is great, so fine. I accept that. But the adaptor is one of the most poorly built cables I have ever had the displeasure to own. Currently, after about 6 months of ownership, I am on my fifth cable. Not lost, just worn out. I do use earphones more than the average person does (probably 8-10 hours/day), but in that same period I haven't had to replace the cable on my earphones once. As best I can tell they fail where the cables connect to the er... connectors, which shouldn't be that hard a problem to solve. Obviously can be replaced via guarantee, but after 5 it starts it's just a complete waste of my time. And is annoying. I have a dozen earbuds and headphones that now I cannot use because you change the platform and then provided an inferior device… Steven Jobs would've fix this problem by now.

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    Works for me.

    This jack adapter worked fine with my "sleep time" headphones. Until I lost it. I bought what I thought were "apple" brand adapters, but after my excitement getting them, great disappointment that they don't work. So, it is either switch to Bluetooth (which doesn't work well at night) or buy an authorized one. Apple, couldn't you at least lower the price to $5? The headphones that came with my new phone are not comfortable and fall out all the time.

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