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    I wish I could rate 0

    I own a high end pocket amplifier and a high end in-ear earphones and used an app that allowed me to listen to FLAC quality music to go with it. I used to get excetional sound out of my iPhone 5 with this rig. Oh, up until I bought my self a new iPhone 7 that requires this adapter. The sound quality dipped all the way down... If your an audiophile with a decent rig and crave for quality sound, Apple iPhone 7 is no longer an option that responds to your requests. So ironic for a brand that merged walkmans and mobile phones...

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    Worst product ever

    Honestly this headphone jack, is absolute garbage. I'm not buying a iPhone again ever. This is so horrible, I can't even charge my phone when necessary and add to that, the headphone jack, breaks every month. They were not built to last and that's obvious. I don't understand the logic in designing no headphone jack to be completely honest, but if it was to force customers to continually pump use money I guess it worked.

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    Awful Quality. Most recent one failed after 8 days.

    Build quality on these is appealing. The one that came with my iPhone 7 worked for about 7 months before failing. I purchased a replacement that worked for 6 weeks before failing. Next one was 3 weeks before failing. My most recent one died today, 8 days after I purchased it and I have only actually used it on 5 of those days. I don't live in a country with extreme weather, I treat the adapters carefully, I have no choice but to get another one which will no doubt fail after a few weeks and at £9 each now, these are not cheap. For the first time since I jumped aboard the iPhone with the 3G am I seriously considering changing to another phone company.

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    I agree with every one star rating comment on here!! So inconvent and frustrating!

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    Absolute garbage.

    It will start to fall apart within a few weeks. Complete failure will happen in about 4 months. I've already gone through two of them. The wires fail on the side closest to the phone.

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    Works as Advertised

    Not sure why others have had problems with their headphones, but I've used this adapter with Sennheiser headphones and their in-line microphones. All work perfectly, including volume, pause, song advance, and telephone calls! Worked fine on iPhone 7, iPhone 6, and iPads (from old to latest versions). Not sure about durability because I haven't had it very long. But, for now, this rates 5 Stars.

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    Poor quality

    Bought my iPhone 7 in January and used this dongle to listen to music on my commute every day. Unfortunately it began to deteriorate after 6 months and no longer works. Poorly built device.

    Furthermore, it hinders the whole iPhone experience - it's not possible to charge the phone and listen to music simultaenously. It is also very easy to lose/break/forget this thing.

    I can see that Apple is gearing towards the wireless future, and that is great. However this bridge is too fragile to ensure a smooth transition.

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    Terrible quality

    I've been an apple Fanboy for a while now. I've owned the 4S, 5S, 6 Plus and you guessed it, the 7 Plus.

    The loss of the headphone jack is the single greatest mistake Apple have made, in my opinion. I don't want Blue tooth headphones, I'm not a 12 year old D.J. who walks around with a massive headset draped around my neck in the middle of the day. Similarly, I'm a human being who can't hold onto electric tooth brush heads (Apple blue tooth headphones) with any kind of reliability, so I quite like having a normal pair of cheap headphones.

    Sure, I can get over not being able to charge my phone and listen to music/watch videos at the same time, although I don't think it's a choice I should be forced to make with one of the most expensive phones ever made...

    But what I can't stand is the terrible quality and ugliness of this adaptor. These things last, at best, 3 months with moderate use, they are ugly and do nothing other than diminish the sound quality.

    If you're reading this I assume you've made the poor life choice of buying an Iphone 7 and your headphone adaptor has stopped working. Don't buy this, buy a knock off version online.

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    Cheap as bro!

    wrong on so many levels! poor quality sound, inconvenient and very poorly made, which seems like a cash grab because there is no reason it couldn't have been built more robustly , except that wouldn't keep them money rolling in for replacements. over priced and over it!

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    Worst change of any phone ever! Audio quality is terrible!

    I used to plug into large stereo systems, high fidelity is totally lost with this adaptor!!
    Lack of charging and plugging into stereo, car, headphones, ect is totally lost.

    Does apple expect me to not use my iPhone on my 4-6hr flight so when I arrive still have battery can to call an uber?
    Apple expects my 8 hr workday to not involve listening to headphones then going out with friends?

    So apple thinks making me plan my charging and audio jack usage and keeping adaptors in my pocket at all times is
    Last iPhone I buy!!! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

    Destroyed 1 and lost 2 so far!!

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    Doesn't last

    I've had two of these, and with both, I've lost one channel after 2 or 3 months. I wouldn't mind paying more for one that was more durable. Now I have to decide whether to buy another of the same, buy a few of the cheap knock-offs, or convert to airbuds. I just hate to retire my two Bose sets (headphones and sports earbuds) which still work flawlessly.

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    Flimsy, doesn't work

    If I could give it 0 stars I would. It is a flimsy, poorly made piece that doesn't even hold the jack adapter securely. Shoddy workmanship. You would think Apple could come up with a better device than this thing.

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    Worst thing Apple have done - Wish I could give Zero stars

    I've gone through 4 of these ridiculous pieces of rubbish. They're as much use as a chocolate teapot. No idea why we have to put up with this junk and the shoddy build quality. I've had every iPhone since the 3G as well as 4 iPads and countless Macs (since 1994) but am sorely tempted to jack in the iPhone and try Android. I use expensive, good quality headphones with a cable and Jack plug. I do not want to use Bluetooth. And as for the wireless Beats headphones that they obviously expect us to buy don't bother. They are TOTAL JUNK and fail on first charge.

    Apple! Get back to doing proper things properly. Stop forcing us to buy your rubbish, ill conceived, poorly designed, woefully manufactured trash.

    Now get on with it.

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    Worst product ever

    It works for 1 or 2 months, and will stop working (if you have not lost it before...). It starts making noises after a few weeks, and you can never listen to music in good conditions. I hate that Apple forces me to buy this awful thing 10 times a year; without this, iPhone 7 would have been the best phone I ever had, but because of this awful adapter it's the worst one...

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    4th one in less than a year

    Abysmal, literally only ever use them while phone is sat on my desk, on my fourth one since I got the iPhone 7 plus on launch day. I have owned maybe 100 Bluetooth devices over the years and not a single one beats a 3.5mm jack in any capacity. First time in 10 years I've looked at android phones to get my normal headphones back. Extremely unhappy!

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    Cheaply made and Barely Functional

    So I live 35 mins from the nearest Apple Store (but only 15 mins from my States Capitol and heart of the city?), and just drove to the store today to replace my husbands adapter that he lost. Get home and run some more errands my side of town and, kid you not, MY adapter went out. We've had our phones for less than 6 months. This product is not made with the quality Apple standards that we've become accustomed to, and honestly it's SO INCONVINENT to have to rely on this adapter. You can't charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. Forgot your adapter? No aux music while you're in the car. And if this tiny gadget is literally required to enjoy your music while in your car or a friends, it needs to be built to last. I'm incredibly frustrated. Removing the traditional headphone jack was the worst idea Apple has ever had.

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    Should Not Have to Purchase This

    Worst. Decision. Ever. on Apple's part. I can't stand this extra part. I can't charge my phone while listening to music and am frequently irritated when I need it but I left it in the car, it's at home when I'm at work, etc. It's annoying to have to always remember this bring this tiny gadget, not to mention trying to keep track of where the darn thing is.

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    Wish I could give it no stars

    Unbelievably stupid decision to get rid of the headphone jack. Suddenly all my earphones and sleep devices need these stupid adapters which are easily lost and barely work. The audio quality is rubbish. And you can't charge while listening. Worst design mistake in Apple's history.

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    Lose it, break it

    One busted, two lost. Thought I'd buy a bucket-load of third party versions as I'm getting tired of ordering over and over for such an unnecessary and bad product - it's interesting to see that software updates have already stopped the ebay knock--offs from working.
    Corporate courage at it's finest.

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    Will break after 4 months

    I hope nobody can hear me every time I whisper terrible things under my breath every time this adapter pauses my music/switches to the next song/activates Siri when I'm not even touching my phone. I am on my second adapter that has broken in the same way that my first one did. Steve Jobs would be ashamed of this terrible product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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