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    Final straw

    I’m so tired of these adapters I’m forced to use. They break, get lost, and are just burdensome. I genuinely believe I’ve reached the end of the rope, I’m never getting another iPhone again.

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    Low tier product

    My brand new adapter with my brand new apple earbuds with my brand new iPhone X makes scratchy noises like there is a short in it. The adapter only works when I set my phone on the table and don't touch or move the adapter.

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    iPhone 7 headphone dongle piece!!!!

    I honestly think this is a waste of accessories and from my experience I barely used it until today and then it was all good until I dropped my phone on the floor and the piece had bent and I’m telling you I BARELY USED IT AND IT WA MY FIRST TIME, APPLE YOU GUYS NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, LIKE WE ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR THESE EXPENSIVE PHONES THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

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    Garbage adapter

    This new adapter will be the reason why this is my last iPhone. Between this piece of garbage and my Ethernet to thunderbolt MacBook adapter, I’m spending far too much time dealing with fragile pieces of white plastic failing me. If the tech wasn’t ready, why was it pushed through?

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    Can something be less than totally worthless?

    (Why can't I choose zero stars? That's a rating...) Got a new iPhone 8, really like it so far. Would love to be able to listen to music in my car, but it's slightly older (2009) and doesn't have bluetooth connectivity - only a mini jack port. Tried using the iPhone's included dongle, but absolutely nothing happens. No sound. No errors. Nada. Then I thought I'd try plugging in one of my many Apple mini-jack earbuds and make a call. Once, I was able to hear the other person, but they couldn't hear me. Another time it actually worked! Just now I got nothing but loud static. A benchmark of quality is consistency (and functionality helps), Apple's lightning to 3.5mm adapter is utterly lacking across the board (unless it's the phone itself, which would be infinitely worse). Booooo Apple!

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    Broke in about a month of light use

    I used this in the car during my commute, about 4 days per week on average, and it no longer does anything when plugged in! Boo!

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    Lost three of those things in one month!

    Removing the 3.5mm port from iPhones was the worst decision they could have ever made! Boooo Apple!

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    As a landscaper, this adapter works well in the outside elements.

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    great but...

    I’ve been reading other comments on how theirs have stopped working or just complete broke. I don’t understand how people can break theirs so easily. I’ve have 2 (I found one on the floor at work a while back) and both work perfectly fine. One of them is over a year old. I listen to music every day for hours a day. Have had no problems with it. But I am getting tired of not being able to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time. You guys need to create one that supports both at the same time. There are many on Amazon but they have bad reviews because they stop working after new updates. Please create an official one.

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    So easy to lose, and yet totally inconvenient

    I'm less than impressed with the dongle itself, but I think my real beef is simply that we need one at all. So far I've lost three and all I can think is, "well, I guess I owe Apple another $10 bucks to be able to use their already expensive product."

    I get that the 3.5mm jack is woefully outdated technology, I accept that better solutions for sound quality, data transfer, and power transfer have all been developed. BUT, until apple starts supplying headphones that aren't one more thing to keep charged and don't go flying out of your ears when you dance around like a iPod commercial, I will still use corded headphones that I can buy for the price of this stupid dongle at the corner store when I just need to listen to some *darn* music.

    I've literally taken to walking around with just the dongle attached so my phone has a permanent tail. I honestly want the designers at Apple to acknowledge that they've designed a product to be used contrary to their intention. It's just bad design.

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    Despite all the hundreds or reviews warning me that this item is prone to developing defects after a few weeks of use, I naively assumed that Apple wouldn't persist in selling a poor quality tiny lead for £9, and they were bound to have fixed any previous problems that others had experienced.

    Well I was wrong. I've been careful to treat this adapter with great care, and it worked very well for about 5-6 weeks of occasional use. But now it's become defective -- the merest suggestion of contact will cause disconnection. It is now utterly unusable.

    With Apple having removed the (ubiquitous, universally supported) 3.5mm jack from their iPhones, their customers now have three options for listening to iPhone music using headphones... Option 1: pay £9 for 5-6 weeks' usage of this adapter (before it invariably breaks), at an annual cost of about £90 (plus the cost of the headphones themselves). Option 2: pay £29 for Apple's own headphones with a lightning connector (most reviews suggest the sound quality is mediocre and their connection is also prone to breaking easily). Option 3: pay £100 (or more, most likely) for some wireless headphones, ideally not made by Apple, in the assumption that they'll probably last longer than a year.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Not sure why Apple users seem to be having problems.

    The inline controls and microphones on both my Frends headphones and Razer headphones work just fine with the adapter. I'm glad to have it- my car is too old to have an aux hookup, so I use a tape deck adapter with this adapter and it works great!

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    Sound only plays in one earphone

    When using the adapter and another pair of earphones (ie. old apple earphones with the headphone jack, or JBL earphones) sound only plays out of one earphone which is very disappointing. At first I thought it was just something wrong with my earphones but all of my other earphones only have sound coming out of one side....

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    It is very fragile, I used it 3 times and broke while dissconecting it. I hate spending money again to buy another useless adapter.

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    Zero Stars - Awful Popping

    I laid out $800 for the new iphone 8. All I want to do is listen to music in my truck with an aux input. The lightning to aux adapter causes static and popping in my speakers when listening to music. Did I do something wrong? Can I get my old phone back?

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    Great Idea...but

    As a first time iphone owner....I've used the 6 for two yrs for work....i'm NOT an I-Snoder, so I can say, I like this doohickey. Actually a better electronic hook up for a phone then the headphone jack. Everybody's ripped the 3.5 from the phone jack from the phone when you've snagge the cord. With this attachment it helps save the electronics. BUT...

    You either leave the jack-adapter in or take a chance of losing it or have it stolen....Apple should give you two pre-phone and not chard $10 a pop to replace. I'd actually pay more if they gave Tuff Tested the right to build the replacement

    With that said...once you open the packaging and see the adapter..next day go buy to more

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    Good product

    It does what it meant to do . Build quality is good.I use it on iPhone SE & iPod Touch 6. The symmetry really looks nice.

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    I for one don't have an issue with this adapter. I use the one that came with my iPhone X with the old earbuds that I had with my iPhone 6. I have a couple of 3.5 mm Apple earbuds that I plan to use this gadget on. I even use it on my wireless Beats with no problem.

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    Worst Apple product ever.

    I'm on my third one now, this must be the lowest quality product ever made by Apple. Don't even bother. Apple shouldn't sell these, but give them away for free by the dozen to each customer. Completely unacceptable. Shame on you Apple.

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    It only lasted a few weeks and then just stopped working completely. It is really shocking that Apple would produce something of this quality. Very frustrated.

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