• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Lasted one month. Garbage. Apple, you let me down.

    Bought this adapter for my iPhone 7+. I love my iPhone, and I love music even more. Bluetooth headphones are not always an option for me, so I'm stuck buying Apple's adapter to use a conventional headphone jack. It lasted less than 4 weeks. I'm an audiophile, this was not from harsh misuse or user error. Apple simply designed a bad product. The adapter failed internally at the lightning jack side. If the cable is wiggled at all near the lighting jack side, songs stop, skip forward or other strange things happen (i.e. podcast playback speed is changed). The lighting port on my iPhone is completely clean. The same problem happens on my iPad, so it's not the device.

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    So disappointed

    When I first started using the adapter with my brand new iPhone 8 everything was fine. Then a couple months in, my music would randomly pause, I thought it was my headphones so I tested them out on my laptop and everything was ok. I used Bluetooth headphones and everything was fine. I plugged the adapter back in and the pausing continued. Then it got worse, the music would pause all the time, Siri would show up, it would skip songs rewind songs, fast forward, and more. I then started using the headphones that apple gives you when you buy a new phone and it worked fine. I’m so disappointed that I cannot use my favorite earbuds with my phone. This needs to be fixed.

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    poor quality, easy to lose

    On top of already resending the need to buy this adapter to use the kind of headphones I already own, these things wear out fast and constantly need replacing . I've owned several already. At the very least, Apple could have made it possible for us to buy these adapters in bulk from other companies that sell on Amazon. Nope. They don't allow them to be compatible. $9 here, $9 there adds up fast. The worst Is if you're traveling and you forget to pack headphones. You can't just run out and buy a cheap pair. You need to find an apple store too and buy and the adapter and that's not always possible. This will be the last iPhone I own if they don't resolve the adapter issue with the next model.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst invention ever Apple

    This little adapter is really fragile, and very inconvenient.. it’s the worst invention Apple came out with.. I’m on number #3 at $10 a piece.. not super expensive but a pain when you have to stop and go buy one every time.. I will no longer be buying Apple products.. I’ve been a loyal Apple consumer sense day one and there phones keep getting worse and more expensive.. I fill there competition “Samsung” is much better..

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I’m so upset that I need all of these adapters just to use headphones that i’ve had for years. This adapter is fine, but is probe to getting lost amd overall is an accessory that just highlights how the elimination of the jack was an error. Awful.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I wish I had never upgraded soley because of this thing.

    Maybe wouldn't be so bad if the quality of this was better but as is this product just continually reminds me what a mistake I made 'upgrading' from the 6s. So easy to lose, so flimsy, unimpressed.

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    Cheap rubbish

    Sick of replacing these adapters, they barely last a couple of months. Cheap rubbish that breaks far too easily

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    Not too bad

    I agree with other reviews that they do affect the audio quality, it makes it quite bad actually. But it does the job considering there is no longer a headphone jack. So it is what it is really.

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    Headphone adapter iPhone 8

    Just finished my first business flight with my NEW iPhone 8. Surprise!!!!!!!! My headphones don't plug into my NEW iPhone 8. I don't have the NEW-fancy-cool-slick-Hi-Tech adapter. I know I know. This is my fault. I just assumed I wouldn't need anything this cool for my favorite old noise cancelling ear buds. I'm sure the fancy NEW adaptor was probably included with my NEW iPhone 8. Apple is always thinking of its customers when releasing NEW technology. My bad. I can be absent minded from time to time. I must have missed the BIG warning on the box not to throw out the adaptor. This fast paced technology driven world we live in is a bit confusing. I'm not blaming Apple for this mistake. It is my fault for not viewing this BIG news story on how Apple created a better head phone plug. One that would revolutionize the music listening experience. I guess I was too consumed by the iPhone battery issue. Since, that was the reason I was upgrading my old iPhone 6S. Crazy me. Can't wait to see what the Apple comes up with next....Stay Tuned....

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works w/ my Klipsch earbud phone

    I have a new iPhone X w/ the lightning to 3.5 mm dongle and was worried when I saw they reviews. So I just tested my Klipsch phones w/ the dongle and they work fine, both for music and phone / mic. Plus, the price is right ... so I ordered a couple more for back-up.

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    Apple advance Technology and poor common sense

    Apple, please revert back to an actual headphone jack and stop making our lives miserable. For the love of God, yes our iPhone have become an integral part of our lives. But quit pushing these gimmicks on us. Put the freaking headphone jack back in the phone where it belongs.

    Broke two of these and they don't work with any third party headphone controls including Apples own... Beats! Darn SHAME!

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    The adapter doesn’t work at all with my phone when I plug it into my car. Just plays through my phone!! Worst thing ever designed.

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    Not a great idea

    I wish Apple had carried out a survey before removing to most essential port on the iPhone.
    No one care if the phone is a millimetre thicker if it means you can use headphones when charging.
    Also my headphones are very good and then I have to use a very poorly made hugely over priced lead in line.
    The whole world is laughing at us....
    Thanks Apple...

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    poor quality! there was no need to remove the headphone jack in the first place!

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    Good Product, but a little expensive

    I like that Apple gives iPhone users a way to still use 3.5 millimeters headphones. My only problem is that it is almost $10. Another problem is that the adapter is easy to break, so I’m not sure if it’s really worth $10

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Internally broken after 2.5 months

    I use this adapter daily with my Shure headphones. Today, right earbud stopped working... tested with other headphones, right ear silent. Was able to rule out the phone (worked with other headphones), my Shure headphones (worked plugged in with the headphone jack into my computer), and made sure there was nothing obstructing the lightning connector in my phone.

    No visible damage. If I jiggle the flimsy cable around, the sound will pop in and out in my right ear. Wrote into Apple chat who advised me I could either get a mailed replacement or make a Genius bar appointment. To get told their cheap adapter is broken and I need a replacement one. No other options. Great...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cheap Quality, Does Not Hold Up

    When these work, they work correctly. In-line mic, audio controls for my 3rd party earbuds work with this. But after a little over four months of use, the adaptor has developed a short in it: if the wire moves a bit, music stops playing, fast forwards on its own, skips over to some other track, brings up Siri. Basically, acts up in odd ways.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    im on my 4th dongle in 7 months. im so frustrated. i have all apple devices and im debating why did i even do this to myself.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple seems to be forgetting people actuall WORK for a living...

    I am about done with Apple and think Steve Jobs is likely rolling in his grave. The company that used to help me do my work and do it with ease has now become a company that fails me so they can turn out trendy, cool dissappointments. I still use my mobile phone mostly as a communication device, be that talk, text or email. The camera's fun and all but seriously, I need to TALK to people and need a headset to be able to function, not drain my battery or be used when I'm in remote places and can't charge headsets or have my phone charge dying faster due to bluetooth. The adapter is archaic and awkward, easy to lose and a fix that feels like a huge "go away" from the cool kids at Apple who have decided they want to develop something new without looking at the big picture. I feel the exact same way about the new computers ... No USB ports? Just BUY adapters and try to keep track of them?? I have clients I need to interface with that aren't on the newest Apple technology... I have to WORK and use my computer with a keyboard, not just buy the newest ipad and watch movies or draw cool stuff. Apple's starting to feel like a "poser" to me. I'm a film and television producer and my entire industry has loved MAC for years... We're slowly turning away from them as many of us feel they're losing their edgy common sense. So sad!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Adapter bent and broke

    When upgrading to the iPhone 8, I already knew that the wireless earbuds would not be a purchase of mine. I have not had this phone for more than 3 months and my adapter has broken. Which to me shows poor quality in the products Apple is putting out. No sure what the design team was thinking when removing the head jack but it was an awful decision in my eyes.

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