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    Internally broken after 2.5 months

    I use this adapter daily with my Shure headphones. Today, right earbud stopped working... tested with other headphones, right ear silent. Was able to rule out the phone (worked with other headphones), my Shure headphones (worked plugged in with the headphone jack into my computer), and made sure there was nothing obstructing the lightning connector in my phone.

    No visible damage. If I jiggle the flimsy cable around, the sound will pop in and out in my right ear. Wrote into Apple chat who advised me I could either get a mailed replacement or make a Genius bar appointment. To get told their cheap adapter is broken and I need a replacement one. No other options. Great...

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    Cheap Quality, Does Not Hold Up

    When these work, they work correctly. In-line mic, audio controls for my 3rd party earbuds work with this. But after a little over four months of use, the adaptor has developed a short in it: if the wire moves a bit, music stops playing, fast forwards on its own, skips over to some other track, brings up Siri. Basically, acts up in odd ways.

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    im on my 4th dongle in 7 months. im so frustrated. i have all apple devices and im debating why did i even do this to myself.

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    Apple seems to be forgetting people actuall WORK for a living...

    I am about done with Apple and think Steve Jobs is likely rolling in his grave. The company that used to help me do my work and do it with ease has now become a company that fails me so they can turn out trendy, cool dissappointments. I still use my mobile phone mostly as a communication device, be that talk, text or email. The camera's fun and all but seriously, I need to TALK to people and need a headset to be able to function, not drain my battery or be used when I'm in remote places and can't charge headsets or have my phone charge dying faster due to bluetooth. The adapter is archaic and awkward, easy to lose and a fix that feels like a huge "go away" from the cool kids at Apple who have decided they want to develop something new without looking at the big picture. I feel the exact same way about the new computers ... No USB ports? Just BUY adapters and try to keep track of them?? I have clients I need to interface with that aren't on the newest Apple technology... I have to WORK and use my computer with a keyboard, not just buy the newest ipad and watch movies or draw cool stuff. Apple's starting to feel like a "poser" to me. I'm a film and television producer and my entire industry has loved MAC for years... We're slowly turning away from them as many of us feel they're losing their edgy common sense. So sad!

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    Adapter bent and broke

    When upgrading to the iPhone 8, I already knew that the wireless earbuds would not be a purchase of mine. I have not had this phone for more than 3 months and my adapter has broken. Which to me shows poor quality in the products Apple is putting out. No sure what the design team was thinking when removing the head jack but it was an awful decision in my eyes.

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    Not a solution!

    Doesn't support line in microphone...

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    BOTH are needed!

    APPLE, you really missed the mark on this one. The entire tech world will tell you that their most problematic aspect is wired vs. wireless, so it's critical to realize other good wireless products use BOTH. The idea of making a device wireless is brilliant, but to remove an option to use external hardwired devices that are widely used is simply unconscionable. Both are needed to make your product reliable, safe, durable, adaptable. The list goes on and on because you simply can't measure the infinite ways your product is going to be used. Comeonman! Get with it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave.

    Garbage. Constantly shorting out, needing to be replaced.

    The actual need for an adapter for earbuds was the first disappointment, the adapter itself the second. What's worse and more awkward is the splitter for earbuds/charging. Nonsense.

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    Worst idea ever!

    Highly dissapointed that I have to use an adaptor any time I wanna hook earphones in OR simply plug it in my car to listen to a book. Who’s genious idea was it to remove the headphone jack. Honestly the worst thing ever in the history of all electronic devices! Shame Apple, you just want us stuck with your horrible earbuds, I want to ise MY headphones and not your horrible airbuds. Really frustrated!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars



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    Adapter bent very easily

    Got the adapter with my new iPhone 8 Plus in December....used only a hand full of times and it’s already bent and doesn’t work... quality is disappointing....

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    The sound is awful

    This adapter makes the sound from my good headphones awful! i tested my 6s and 8 and the adapter is making the sound awful!

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    Terrible piece of garbage

    Not only did my adapter break within the first 3 weeks of having it, but it also broke my headphones with it. I was skeptical about the no headphone jack thing to start with but I’ve used iPhones for about 8 years now so I decided to give the 8 a chance but I am seriously regretting that decision now. If the next iteration of the iPhone does not have it I will be switching to a different phone

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    ruined my regular earpods

    my iphone 6 earpods were working fine for 2 years and when i started using them with the iphone 8 using adapter to lightning the sound in my left earpod stopped working properly.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad, proprietary requirement

    To the people that have commented "if you don't like the adapter, just buy bluetooth headphones". I have bluetooth headphones, and that would be great if that's all I needed the headphone jack for, but it's not. There's numerous times that I have wanted to plug in to, e.g. someone's car that only has an aux input, or a home stereo or commerical audio system that only has aux or phono inputs. What am I supposed to do, carry the stupid dongle with me everywhere? Where? In my wallet (oh wait, trying to replace my wallet with the phone...). Buy a case that has a storage compartment for it? So much for a thin streamlined phone. Great idea for making the phone smaller/thinner. Bad idea for usability.

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    Skipping and breaking up with any sound random activation of voice control

    You could be sitting still in a quiet room and the piece of junk will randomly start and stop your audio or video (app selected does not matter) and constantly trigger Siri or voice control. It simply doesn’t work and Apple should be ashamed of themselves for putting out such a shoddy product

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    Pushing innovation

    I don't understand all the frustration about the loss of a headphone jack. The same people who complain are also the people who complain about tangled leads and broken wire etc. Apple took the bold move to ditch the headphone jack, in pursuit of a more user-friendly experience by encouraging wireless headphones. They are in a phase where going wireless is a priority. There are many great quality wireless headphones and earphones on the market, they are easier to use and to transport. I respect the bravery of Apple to ditch the headphone jack and push for innovation, once again.

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    An annoyance

    Purchasing this product again because I lost my dongle so now I cannot use my favorite headphone, I know, my fault. I also know this review won't do a thing to bring back the 3.5mm jack.. but its just SO frustrating that a company like Apple, whose products I LOVE because of how sleek they are and how well designed for the human experience they are, would do something SO STUPID. Terrible human centered design, really just boggles my mind. Horrible move on apples part. But congrats, you got my $9 for the new adapter, happy?

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    This adapter broke within the first three days I received it.

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    I hate this thing

    Not only is the adapter cheaply made, my headphones keep shorting out. This is the second time within the past few months this has happened. I am beyond annoyed! I really wish Apple would just got back to the headphone jack.

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