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    what made me buy this beats specially was the w1 chip from apple. it takes bluetooth connection way more further than before. thanks to the w1 chip you dont have to do anithing to connect your headphones. its automatic. what i would really like isto have more colour options and combinations. like the solo2 had. the sound quality is great. what does not help me so much as a DJ is that when using them with an aux cable you still need to charge them. But the problem is solved. These pair of headphones have a 40 hour battery life and by 5 minutes of charge you have 3 hours off battery life. i am very happy with these beats and i highly recomend them.

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    Some good more bad

    I was so excited to 'invest" in these. the look is great. the sound is great, however the overall product quality is terrible. my first pair kept just randomly disconnecting. and the replacement set I just received has terrible sound quality with the mic, that no one can hear me when I talk. I found the support with apple to not be overly knowledgeable ... one got into a debate that my solo3 ear phones didn't have a mic and i had to talk into my phone anyway! So now I am on my SECOND replacement set in 1 month. I am hoping they finally get it right.

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    Love At First Listen

    I have just switched to the Beats Solo Wireless headphones and I am really impressed. I was previously using Bose Soundlink first gen with wire and those sound great, better in some areas, not so much in others but so far I am just loving my new ones! Great overall sound and they are really comfortable! 40hrs of battery life was a huge sell for me! Also super easy to link up to my iPhone and MacBook Pro! Thanks!

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    Great sound - awful smell

    Upgraded from the original wired beats studio to the beats wireless 3. Everything sounds great and the battery life is amazing however I use these headphones for training purposes and they smell awful! I did not have this problem with the original wired beats so I am confused and what is causing the smell.

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    Easy setup, great sound

    Have been wanting over ear headphones so picked these up at Costco ($219), almost changed my mind to the Bose soundlink (typically a big bose fan), but these have great reviews on the 40 hr battery (bose is 15hrs) as well as great sound. What a ridiculously easy setup, one tap and they work, comfy and great sound. Nailed it Apple! Probably not going to bother with AirPods now.

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    Had these for about 2 months now and must say am pretty disappointed, sound quality is good, as is using hands free, but connecting the headphones to a device can often be a real struggle. The problem usually arises when having to switch input, e.g. From iPhone to MacBook, it will show up in the mac Bluetooth options but will fail to connect, even when you've completely disconnected it from the phone. To try to solve this I will 'forget this device', but this is usually fruitless and I will have to either fiddle around for 20 minutes, turning things off/on, connecting/disconnecting; or I simply won't be able to use my £250 headphones because the Bluetooth is so temperamental and my phone doesn't have a f***ing headphone slot! Would not recommend.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Not that loud but Phenomenal sound quality!

    Could of been a little louder in volume, but over all they deliver an impressive sound quality!!! I love the fact that you can also talk on your phone using this wireless headset without the use of a cord! 5-stars!!!!

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    You switched me from Bose

    I'm loving everything about them. However, I thought j could just push my ear piece and answer my phone. No one hears me. I sound far away. Thought I didn't have to use the wire.(?)

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    These headphones are absolutely amazing, simple to use and features great audio. It allows you to turn up the headphones themselves and on your device.

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    Someone stole mine

    I loved the headphones, they had good sound, great battery life, I was able to be in another room without my phone on me and still listen to music but then a month after I bought the headphones my daughter got on the bus and the kid next to her stole her headphones. This is really annoying because I just got them and now they got stolen when they were $300.

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    NOT for colder temperature use.

    Do not buy if you intend to use the headphones in temperatures at or below 0C as they shut down relatively quickly.

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    Please offer more colors

    These headphones are great! However, many of your color options include a white cushion. For ladies that wear makeup, this can be a issue. Please offer more color options with black ear cushions.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Mediocre headphone for high-end price

    I bought this headphone for the W1 chips to connect it easily with my other Apple products. It's too bad that Apple TV isn't included in this line up.
    The other parts of the headphones is similar with other headphones I used, but more expensive.
    I don't understand why Apple/Beats isn't using USB-C for charging, now I have to take another microUSB cable when traveling. Also, the conrols on the headphone are limited to volume and play/pause. Why didn't they add previous/next?

    If you don't need the W1 opties, there are better headphones for the half of the price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    First Class tip for users on how to skip songs on beats solo wireless?

    Use the "b" button on the left earcup for the following: Press once to pause or play a track or to start or end a call. Quickly press twice to skip a track. Quickly press three times to reverse skip.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    No joke, best headphones I've ever had. I use them for music, and I'm an audio nerd with high demands, and they are terrific. I also use them for work on conference calls all day and they sound great--I can hear everyone clearly and the sound is excellent. The mic works well too--everyone can hear me clearly.

    Excellent product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Must Buy Headphones!!!!!!! :) ;)

    I love the Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones!!!! The audio and sound quality is great and the colors are nice,ESPECIALLY Gloss Black,White,and Gold.Th e cups fell a little bit uncomfortable but are great and nice and comfy.I just wish there was a wall charger included,but overall great headphones!!!! I love my Beats so much I want a second pair(so I can go out in public,go to school,etc.) I got them as a Christmas gift and love them!!! Get for anyone has a gift/Christmas gift or for yourself!!!! Must have!!! Especially the Gloss Black color,and listen to Goosebumps by Travis Scott!!!! Great song!!!!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound and battery BUT bad Pressure points.

    I've only had my Beats for a couple hours and while the sound and battery is great, they are painful to wear. The ears start to build up pressure after awhile and the top head band cushioning is cheap. It looks thick but does not provide much "cushion" support. It made the top of my head hurt like a pressure point. I tried adjusting the side bands and moving the top band around to no avail. I am a girl with smaller ears and head then I guy so I didn't presume I'd have an issue with pressure points. They synced with ease to both my Ipad and my Iphone. Not worth $300.00. Perhaps more like $200.00

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    Solo 3 review

    These headphones are very comfortable thanks to the addition of ear cups that pivot with a wide range of motion and are extremely beautiful .the battery life is the best in the market currently with a very fast charge time .the carrying case still has a soft shell which was disappointing when compared to the case included with the beats studio 2.0s the case included with these is rather time consuming and sometimes frustrating when trying to store due to the tight fit with the headphones .however the sound of the headphones themselves are quite good .the heavy bass that people love from beats is still highly prevalent and while the speakers don't have a huge amount of range the clarity is extremely high within the range these do have .they also have some of the best Bluetooth connectivity I have ever experienced .overall I think these are a great pair of headphones and I would recommend these if you have a apple device to pair with .

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    Most overrated headphones

    They hurt your jaw they are cheaply made and most of all my 50$ akg headphones sound better then my beats solo 3 I'm never getting these headphones again not worth 300$

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Happy With Purchase

    I got the Powerbeats for a Christmas present but wasn't sure if they were quite right for me. I returned them for the Beats Solo 3. They charged unbelievable fast and are still lasting, as they say 5mins of charging = 3hrs which is completely true. As for the sound the bass sound it is awesome. I love the sound coming from the headphones as it pumps me up. They were super easy syncing to a device but when I want to switch it to a different device it is a little difficult. For the comfort and fit they are quite comfy but after a while they start to hurt your ears a little but I'm pretty sure this is something with all on-ear headphones. Also when I put my head down they start to slide a little bit but it could just be the size of my head. Being able to fold them is very helpful. A little expensive but overall very happy with my purchase.

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