• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Apple did a great job with these headphones. They fold up and fit into a case when not needed. Bluetooth is a plus, too1

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    Great overall on ear headphones

    That connectivity with the w1 chip is really convenient and makes the pairing process so easy. For on ear headphones these are really comfortable and nice soft cushioning, even though my ears do hurt after a while. The sound quality is solid with good bass and mids, even though there are better sounding headphones out there

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    hurt my ears

    they are okay for music but they hurt your ears after about 30 minutes bc the ear pads are just really uncomfortable waste of money in my eyes

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    Surprisingly just as good as the Bose QC35's in my opinion. W1 chip is great too and goes along with the AirPods well.

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    Mostly great

    These are mostly great. Sound is good, fit is good (as long as I'm not wearing glasses - that hurts my ears) but the main issue I have is they shut down in cold weather. I assume this is intentional but very annoying.

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    Love These

    I got them free with my MacBook Pro and I considered just selling them and getting some extra cash, I tried them out and really enjoyed the sound quality and overall design of them. Have not sold them and I use them most days and don't need to charge them often. Great product. I've seen the silver and rose gold colours and think they are very nice and true to the pictures.

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    I tried my friend's beats solo 3's for a little bit and found them amazing!! They fit comfortably on my head and are VERY comfortable. Not once did I feel the need to take them off due to discomfort. Noise isolation works flawlessly. I put them over my ears and 90% of the noise around me was lowered. And when I put on the music, all I could hear was, well, the music! Pairing was a breeze and I found it east to switch between devices. Since they are small and lightweight I found it easy to carry them around, so this would be great if you're a heavy commuter. The sound quality is excellent and if you're into pop music, then you're in luck! The buttons on the side are very convenient as they allow you to take calls, raise/lower the volume, pause, open Siri, or navigate through your playlist! Best of all, they have a 40-hour battery life! If you listen to music on average an hour a day, you won't have to charge these for over a month! Overall, these are the best headphones up tp date, and I highly recommend them:)

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    This is awesome.

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    The Future Is Here!

    Let's face it, you've bought an iPhone 7 so we're not really look at the price! I find the sound extremely good quality considerably better sounding than the original beats solo, the whole experience from opening the headphones to pairing them is what you have come to expect from Apple amazingly easy and enjoyable. This is actually a case where technology has improved the whole experance, instead of making it more complex.
    I've notice that even through these headphones do not cancel out sound, it seems as if they do.
    If you close your eyes relax and listen to some relaxing music you do feel like you've been removed from your life and placed is a bubble, I know it sounds corny, but it's true.
    As you would expect the sound from these is fantastic espically if you use a graphic equaliser it's simply sublime.
    The whole experience of buying these and using them with IPhone 7 gives you a glimps of the future, and the future is Gooooood!
    If you use apples iCloud you will notice that when you switch these on they appear on your Mac, iPhone and iPad just like magic and swapping between devices is so easy even your 100 year old Nan could do it.
    If your looking at these and have the cash, don't think twice snap them up and enjoy a hassle free life :)
    Well done Apple!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Surprisingly good- 4.2 stars

    I've always been one of the many who felt Beats products tended toward a bloated, overly bassy sound with poor definition. The Solo3 is actually not too bad- it does profit from liberal use of bass reduction EQ on an iDevice, but it's good overall- especially for a bluetooth set. 3.5 star SQ.

    Fit and finish is good. Lots of plastic, but build quality seems solid. Looks nice. 4 stars for construction and overall appearance.

    Comfortable. Not too heavy, nice and plush ear cups, good seal. 4.5 stars for comfort.

    Isolation is good. With volume at lower levels, normal office sounds are gone. Some leakage at mid to upper levels. 4 stars for isolation.

    What's excellent is the amazingly fast and reliable pairing and limpet-like connection these make when paired to an iPhone- incredibly good compared to the usual Bluetooth pairing procedure. As advertised, the pairing immediately propagated through to my other devices on iCloud as well. A full 5 stars for the functionality of the new W1 tech implementation here. It's really, really good.

    4.2 stars, overall.

    Other positives- Carry case and carabiner are nice. Included cables are of good quality.

    Neutral- Not caring about the Mini-USB vs Lightning for charging. I have plenty of cables and chargers for this and its a non issue to me.

    What could be better-

    Soundstage is a little narrow, and the overall sound signature is pretty warm. This is subjective. Some people will love the sound, many will like it, a few will hate.

    Not sure how long these will remain pristine. Selected the silver, which is furnished with white padding.

    Overall, a pleasant surprise.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Beat Solo 3 Wireless - First Review!

    My first pair of Beats formerly owned by Dr. Dre so far have been pretty solid. These are smaller than the original Beats that I have used in the past (boyfriend has a pair). I was going to go buy the Solo 2 due to a particular color that I liked (Gray, but looked like a nice blueish tint to it) but since the Solo 3's came out, decided might as well get these since they weren't too far in price from the Solo 2s.

    Overall, these are a great product, are they worth the $299.95 price tag? Probably not, but you're paying for the name as well. I listen to music a lot while I work or if I'm gaming on my PC or the Xbox-One. I'm also an avid traveler that goes snowboarding frequently, so while waiting at the airport it's nice to listen to my tunes on my iPhone while I wait for my flight(s) or set up my riding tunes before I hit the mountain.

    Let's get to the basics, I purchased the Rose Gold headphones and they're a real nice color (one of my favorite colors right now). The comfort level was something I was looking for as well since the first set of Beats were not that comfortable, especially for someone who wears glasses from time to time. But these, do not bother my ears much at all. So if you wear glasses, rest easy these are comfortable.

    From a user-perspective, these are easy to set-up and sync via your Bluetooth right out of the box (great job)!! I do not blast my music, but just enough to drown out others surrounding me while at work. You can still hear people though, so it's not COMPLETELY noise cancelling (do those even exist)? But it works well enough to be able to listen to your music, movies, etc. without being bombarded by everyone else's conversations around you.

    The accessories it does come with out of the box are great and even a nice little clip for the bag itself. Being that the previous Solo 2 in the Rose Gold or Gold came with a white bag, this model does not. It comes in a black bag with the Rose Gold "b" emblem on the front and there is a nice little pocket inside to store your USB and the wired controls (white cord).

    The only downfall to this is that it's not the greatest (so far) in using on your PC for a wireless headset. If you use the wired control cord it comes with (white cord) then you can plug in to your laptop, but it has a slight buzzing sound no matter how you adjust it (yes I plugged it in the right way). Could be my laptop, but pretty sure it's not and it was syncing fine with my Bluetooth and found the device no problem.

    Overall, great set of headphones thus far (it's only been a few hours since I've had these) but needed to write up a quick review for anyone else out there thinking of these as there weren't many reviews on these yet. I'd set these at maybe $199.95 - $249.95, but definitely not worth the $299.95. But that's just my .02 and opinion, still great pair of headphones and I'll stick by the Apple brand for a long time, I have yet to be disappointed so far. If you're not sure, just know Apple has a 14 day return policy.

    Only reason I did not give this a 5 stars is due to it not being 100% full noise cancelling as it advertises, it's not THAT comfortable, but overall more comfortable than the original Beats for those who wear glasses, and the noise it brings when you plug into a laptop with the wired controls (not a fan of that), and the price is a bit pricey just for the brand name. But I get it, you have to make that money and you have people who will pay for a decent product and this is a pretty good product.


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