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    Solid product, but ...

    This is a step backward that substantially decreases our trust in Apple and our everyday usage experience. The lack of a safe connection, charging-status light, and wings to spool the cable are more than annoying. And they are inexplicable. It is easy to surmise that it is only for the money, but while that might explain the need to pay separately for cables and extensions, it does not explain the step backwards.

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    What were you thinking

    This has to be my biggest disappointment with Apple ever. With these new Macs firstly I have lost MagSafe which was one of the best features of Apple but then the price hits you. My to replace my old charger was $109 AUD which is pricey but hey you need it, now it is $157AUD as I need to buy 3 items to complete my charger!!!!!! Even the one out of the box doesn't come with the extension cable which made the charger useful for when you were out and about. Seriously need to rethink the pricing on this Apple.

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    1 step forward, 4 steps back

    On the positive, glad to have the utility of USB type-C, but why does my iPhone X still have lightning?!?!

    I've been using Magsafe power adapters for 5+ years, so was surprised and disappointed by the following:
    1. No clever disconnect, just waiting to yank my Macbook on to the ground.
    2. No charge status indicator so left to booting up the Macbook to see the status.
    3. Cable wraps have inexplicably been removed.
    4. USB type-C cable not even included, really?!?!

    None of these are show stoppers, but makes one wonder if Apple Product Owners and Engineers did not value the previous features.

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    Apple keeps going backwards with these MBPs!

    The mag port was a unique Macbook thing that really worked well. You didn't have to sweat if something caught the cord. No damage to the laptop. Much better for road warriors, people with children, people with pets etc. This plug is a broken circuit board waiting to happen.

    The cost of this charger is nuts! No cord? Getting desperate are we? I have a charger at work and 2 at home. This represents quite an investment in stupid chargers.

    I like the lighter weight of this MBP, but not at the expense of goodness. At least the case is still strong.

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    Missing magsafe so much...

    I am really disappointed the new Macbook has not magsafe function, as we saw half a dozen alternative solution get out to fill the huge hole. More, Apple not even made a converter to reuse our various old magsafe charger. Is a shame such a smart company so careful to details is treating their loyal customer in that manner. The charger is heavy and I miss the plastic stuff for wrapping the cable and the cable itself is not included ... Tim get a look to it, it doesn't work and Jonny pencil seems not taking care of charging !! Why ? its still a relevant part of our Macs!!!!


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    A huge step backward

    It almost pains me to write this as an Apple Fanboy, but this charger is so much worse than Apple's MagSafe chargers.

    1. Does not include a charging cable and the USB-C cable that you must buy separately does not detach from your computer if you trip over it
    2. Does not have a charging indicator light that changes colour when it is fully charged
    3. Does not have the flip out plastic clips to coil the cord (I'm really at a loss of why Apple would have removed these since they were so useful and had been around since the iBook days).

    This is a half baked product that is not worthy to carry the Apple logo. Really, really disappointed by this downgrade from MagSafe.

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    Absurdly Overpriced

    Lacking both the USB-C and AC extension cables, this device is vastly overpriced.
    Further, with significant miniaturization of electronic devices with commensurately improved efficiency, I would have expected some decrease in weight and physical size which do not seem any different than five-years-old previous generation devices. But, not wishing to invest too much time in a spur of the moment review, I have not looked at power densities of earlier designs.
    However, I'm forced to purchase Apple accessories for fear of after market devices having unknown reliability and safety, and this should probably ameliorate my complaints.

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    Doesn't come with the USB-C cable!

    Not only is it disappointing to have to buy another type of spare power adapter, but so frustrating to open the package and find that you only get the 'brick' and no USB-C cable. It's really overpriced considering I can't yet connect it to my Mac! Just charge a wee bit more and include the cable!

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    Bring MagSafe Back

    While the charger works fine as other's have pointed out these are easy to break and not nearly as elegant as the MagSafe design!

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    Missing the spool

    For 15 years, Mac chargers have had an amazing foldable spool that keeps the cord organized in your bag or on your desk. Why remove this for the USB-C charger case? Now I have a pile of cable on my desk. There's not even a velcro strap or something included, which seems very un-Apple.

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    It’s a good power adapter put on more than one occasion I’ve seen the flash electricity and I’ve taken out because The bottom two prongs been burnt

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    Apple Not-so-finest

    The idea is good. Standardize the inlet to the MacBook. But you lost the great feature of safety with the mag charger. When you pay 2-3k for a machine you don't want it to be pulled off the table. The weight of the adapter does not set well in power strips.

    The charger itself does not include the cable or the extension cable to the wall. Now you have to buy three accessories just to charge the MacBook. Really Apple???

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    Worst Charger Ever

    I miss the magsafe and the plastic thing that had the old charger that allowed to keep the cable.

    Also you have to buy the charger and the cable separately!

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    Missing my magsafe

    Greatly missing the magsafe connection.

    Like that it uses standard connectors, but its easy to make this thing accidentally fall on the connector, which will permanently ruin it. :(

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    My 3 week old MacBookPro came supplied with this adapter. Failed. I'm hoping its replacement has better longevity.

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    Safe clean design.

    This is the charger of the future, what what it does, which is provide the MacBook with an incredible 61W of USB-C power, it's an incredible piece of engineering.

    What most people fail to take into account is the fact that this is engineering at it's finest, a clean box that doesn't overheat while still providing maximum oomph to your sleek MacBook Pro (or any other device needing angry pixies)

    With USB-C I can charge any USB-C device, so I can use the same charger, with the same USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cable to charge my fancy BeoPlay A1 speaker, and because B&o engineered this to comply with the new USB-C standards, the little speaker will actually make great use of all 61W of angry pixies.

    My only gripe is that this isn't a 100W charger, because that is the maximum USB-C allows, but that would mean an even bigger charger.

    I bought the Power Adapter Extension Cable because I like to be able to work with my computer anywhere, and sometimes even charging it, but this might be excessive, but I appreciate that the charger doesn't come with this extension cable like previous chargers or computers did, because most people don't need this, so it's a bit of a waste honestly.

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    Good Quality

    There's nothing special about this power adapter. Its AC to USB-C and works for the 2016 13" MacBook Pros, I received mine with it. Use an Apple USB-C to USB-C cable, or grab a good one off Monoprice, but I would stick with Apple products when messing with power. Build quality is good as always, it's the same size as the Magsafe charger on the older MacBook Pros (The 12" MacBook has a smaller wall adapter).

    It's definitely a shame this doesn't ship with a USB-C cable included, but in terms the physical charger is very good (just make sure you get an Apple USB-C cable).

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    THis $89 adapter does NOT come with a USB-C charging cable. Absolutely useless. So if you are buying it because, like me, you want to leave a charger in the office, then you also have to buy another charging cable which is another $25. Apple's new motto seems to be to nickle and dime early adopters, a good strategy to lose customers.

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