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    Cannot replace fuse, no cable included

    The power adapter is useless as-is; a USB-C cable is required to charge your mac. Terrible value. Failed after 4 months of use, likely a blown fuse, but fuse is not replaceable.

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    Cheaping out (no cables), rather bulky

    Not only is the required USB-C cable not included, they don't even include the mains power cable. All you get is the rather bulky PSU and the 'stubby' wall plug. The bulk of the power pack means it doesn't sit very well (securely) in a power point - a PSU of this weight should not be hanging from the wall.

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    A huge step back

    Previous MacBook power adapters included things like a cord to connect to the laptop (what a crazy notion!) and a power adapter extension cable. Adding these separately adds $38 to the overall price, a significantly lower value. From a functionality standpoint, the ability to detach the charging cable is nice (lets us use it to charge iPhones and iPads with a USB-C to Lightning adapter), but the inability to wrap or otherwise neatly store the charging cable adds unnecessary clutter to one's laptop bag - a rare design fail from Apple.

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    Cable breaks

    The design is a triumph of looks over utility. The mantra of 'It looks pretty therefore it shall be.." has limits, Mr Ive.
    I'm on my third power adapter because the cable breaks at one end or the other.
    My macbook is five years old. so these things fail at a rate of one ever 20 months or so.
    The power unit costs about £80.. not cheap - and if it fails in Yemen (as mine did) you're out of luck.
    Having had Macs since the late 1980s, this is my sixth apple laptop - and it'll be my last.
    I always buy top of the range machine with plenty of storage and ram, but the price/quality balance is failing.

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    what happened to MagSafe?

    I have three MagSafe adapters from past laptops and now forced to buy a new charger for new Mac. No MagSafe, no USB, no DVI, just 4 ports and all new adapters. Talk about nickel and dining your customers. Apple products used to be cutting edge and elegant. Not anymore.

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    As if all the dongles weren't enough

    Not including a simple 2 meter USB C cable with an $80 charger is beyond stupid. It's almost as if they have contempt for their own customers. This is nickel and diming at it's worst.

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    Of course it's bulky, heavy, and expensive -- it's 87 watts!

    This adapter produces 20.2V at 4.3A, so of course it's bulky, heavy, and expensive compared to single voltage, low current adapters. If you think you can design a regulated USB-C adapter the produces 20.2V at 4.3A, 9V at 3A, and 5V at 2.4A, accepts 100-240VAC at 50-60HZ inputs, meets regulatory standards all over the world, is UL approved, and make it small, light, and inexpensive, then you aren't and electrical engineer. I am an electrical engineer and I am quite impressed by this unit, as I have been with prior Apple power supplies. After seeing the horrible knock-offs and counterfeit Apple power adapter from China, I understand why Apple's genuine articles cost a lot more.

    People griped that the old MagSafe adapters had integrated cords that required that the entire unit be replaced in case of cord damage. Now this one has a detachable line cord and people complain that it's separate. They complain that "there are no fold out clips to wrap the cable around the adapter." After seeing the way that people wrapped the cords around the clips, as tight as banjo strings with the cord almost being pulled out of the adapter by the force, eventually leading to failure in thousands of cases, it's no wonder Apple removed them. People who do things like that are why we can't have nice things.

    Another reviewer wrote "It wears out on both ends and now I have one of the ends showing electrical WIRE and it's starting to SPARK?!" I've had three iPads, two MacBooks, at least a half dozen iPods, and three iPhones. I've never damaged any cord on any of them - because I take care of my stuff. People need to recognize that a small diameter, very flexible power/data cable is not something that can be treated like a string from a Weed Wacker. If your cord is frayed, it's your fault, not Apple's. If you refuse to take care of your stuff, then buy Dell. They have power cords that are about as big around as a horse's leg.

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    Another Step Backwards

    They've done it again. Apple has managed to handicap the already questionable design of the Magsafe 2 charger by making the following changes: -the status indicator light has been removed, so it's impossible to know if it's not charging. -tripping over the cable will now yank your expensive Macbook off the desk. -There is no extension cable included, so you have to be twice as close to the wall plug. In its current form, the charger is a cocktail of design flaws and needs fixing ASAP.

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    The cable burns every year

    This is the third time I had to buy this item due to the cord heating through the protection.

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    Worst design

    I've been a long-term apple customer but recent products are bad: this charger comes with MacBook Pro and is note even close to the previous magnetic connector.

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    Terrible Design

    I don't like the new USB-C ports on the MacBook Pro, I need adaptors for everything. I am regretting buying the new model! And this charger is horrible! I have had this computer for 6 months and already have to buy a new adapter. The pin seems to have gotten bent and the charge cable no longer stays put. I miss the old reliable and amazingly designed magnetic chargers. My old one survived for years!

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    No USB-C Cable?

    This is a bridge too far. The "Power Adapter" is useless without also buying a separate USB C cable? Seriously?

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    Charges stuff very fast & it's dope that I can remove the cable whenever I want.

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    Stranded with no cable!

    I'm not a novice when it comes to buying an extra power adapter for my MacBook. Three down and counting. But when Apple decides to NOT include the actual cable with the adapter for the first time in history, I found myself at a conference with no way to charge the laptop. Let me elaborate. Unable to share my screen. Unable to capture notes. Unable to accumulate billable time while sitting in the hotel and airport. So disappointed at an obvious cash grab. Borrow someone else's cable you say? No can do with the new male-to-male USB-C requirement. No one has it! Apple, I pay a premium dollar for your stuff. I justify it by the quality of your hardware. But to require us to drop another $35 in addition to an already over-priced adapter is just pathetic.

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    This is an excellent product. If you want, fall way back to the Windows OS. Stop yer cryin' about bending this, breaking that, no supplied this, etc., etc.. Take CARE of your belongings. Slow down. Take the time (only an extra second or two),out of your day, to protect the products that make your life easier. So many sarcastic comments about things YOU can do to eliminate the very problems YOU CREATE by being in to great a hurry or just not caring for your things. Go cry to your dog, cat, a brick, or something besides this comment section. Nobody cares if you won't take the very tiny amount of time to care for your STUFF.

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    Where is the quality?

    I buy a 2.5k macbook pro, cable breaks.
    I buy a 1k iPhone, cable breaks again and again.

    In 7 years more apple cable broke then in 40 years counting all electrical devices together. And now after 7 yours I'm not sure anymore if apple is worth the price ...

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    Excellent adapter!

    While it might not be MagSafe that actually comes with a giant benefit. With MagSafe if your cable started to fray at the connector end you were stuck needing to buy a new adapter. Now with USB C if the cable goes bad you can just buy a new cable. That's a wonderful idea and I think in the long run this will save people a lot of money.

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    This works....For about 6 months! It wears out on both ends and now I have one of the ends showing electrical WIRE and it's starting to SPARK?! I've gone through 3 chargers the past 2 1/2 years...... And they're VERY pricey! I had one charger just stop working out of the blue..And for 80 bucks yikes!

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    Too expensive and do not last

    I feel like Im always buying a new power adapter because they do not last! The cable gets twisted easily even if I handle it with care.

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    Apple is increasingly blinded by greed and continues to loose its cool.

    This Power Adapter is seriously overpriced but there's worse: it's several steps backward in evolution.

    Sadly, it's apple's way nowadays, with a new product we sometimes get some improvement (though none with this Power Adapter) but overall it feels like a step backward and sometimes many steps.

    We lost the genius mag-safe, the cable-friendly design and the "free" cable that's now charged separately. Outrageous, really.

    Sadly, Apple's marketing department also wants us to believe that a "better pro laptop" should be marginally thinner and lighter" instead of more powerful and better connected. Then they sell you separately all the bulky stuff that used to be built in.

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