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    Beautiful, minimalist, well-built and functional dock...

    I've owned a few of these and never have had a problem. Seems like the above one-star reviews more than likely correspond to user error rather than a design flaw. I am a industrial designer and can tell you that Apple has never just waved a product through development as just "good enough" as one of the aforementioned reviewers commented. I have one on my bedside and one at my desk that I plug in and unplug 10 times daily. They're minimalist and like all Apple products they work well. The dock is exactly as Apple describes. The lack of a "back rest" for the phone prevents any unnecessary damage or scratching to the phone during early morning alarms or late night plug-ins. The lightening connector is very strong as both male and female connections are made for exactly this -- to support the weight of the phone against any natural sitting torque that may be applied to the I/O, preventing breakage or port failure. The rubber pad prevents the phone to contact the base of the dock, eliminating the chance of bottoming out. My iPhone 7 Plus feels very stable and I've never given it a second thought nor have I ever experienced any type of failure... I saw the negative reviews as I was about to purchase one for my wife and just had to give my two cents.

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    This dock hasn't changed from the other docks but I like the cooler and I works for me so idk what all the other people are talking about

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    Great little dock. Perfect solution for the iPhone 7.

    I was hesitant about the iPhone 7 at first (due to the headphone jack issue). I most frequently listen to music on headphones at work. I would kill my battery in short order if I wasn't able to charge while listening to music. This dock has the headphone jack built right in so I am all set at work! The phone sit securely on the lightning plug. It charges normally and I have had no issues.

    The only 2 reasons I didn't go 5 star rating on it.....

    1.) I would like it if the headphone jack were on the front of the dock, not the rear.
    2.) $49 is a bit steep. This would be much better at a $29 price point.

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    Doesn't work with adapters I have...

    I tried to use this with the 12W adapter (bought through Apple), and a bunch of different adapters and it does NOTHING. I don't have the original 5W Apple adapter from my iPhone so now I have to purchase one if I want to use this. If I spend the $19 to buy a new 5W adapter and it still doesn't work, I'll probably throw it against the wall. I'd rather have a different dock that's more versatile...very disappointed. Also, when the phone is connected to the dock, it feels unsecure to touch the phone since there's nothing holding it upright or supporting it but the lightning pin. I should return this expensive little piece of junk since I can't even tell yet whether it works or not.

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    Good concept, but doesn't reliably charge.

    I just received this dock today with my new iPhone 7. It's a nice looking product but doesn't work reliably.

    When I put the phone on the dock it is only connecting to the charger about 1/3rd of the time. I have to take the phone off the dock and put it on again, wait for a second to see if it will start charging, and if not, repeat this process until it connects.

    I'm using the new USB cable that came with the iPhone to connect the dock to my iMac.

    This is really disappointing for such an expensive product.

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    Wow apple, you dropped the ball on this design. Awful!

    The dock has a poor design. when you put your phone on it there is nothing that supports the bottom of the phone other than the lightining connector. As a result it will tilt very easily to either side and stop charging. How on earth a company like Apple can design and TEST something so poor and say "ok, that's good let's ship it" is beyond me. Truly amazing. I had to modify mine with small felt pads at each corner so my phone sits on the dock without the ability to move. Unreal Apple!

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    Beautiful, quality product!

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