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    Beats headphones

    Absolutely love it!

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    Great sound... but hurts

    I like them so far, the only think is that are not so comfortable. My ears hurt after a while, no matter how a place them I need to remove them every 20 min :(

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    The battery last forever

    When they say 40 hours of playback, they are not joking. I use them for about 2-3 hours a day, and the battery lasts almost 3 weeks before I have to charge again, I had to charge almost every other day with my last pair of wireless headphones. Not to mention it charges really fast, and the USB cable they provide is very nice, definitely not made of cheap material. About the sound, I only listen to MP3s on my phone and the sound is pretty much as good as it gets for this price range. Mainly good for high bass songs (hiphop, R&B, Rap, dubstep, drum&bass...etc), the mids are lacking slightly. I suspect it would perform even better if paired with a DAC, or play lossless tracks. Some say the price is a little too high for what its worth, which I agree that it is a little pricey, if someone was to ditch $2300 on a pair of headphones, they usually don't mind spending a little more for a more luxurious brand like B&O Beoplay or even Audeze, but the playback duration in this pair definitely worth some points in my book, and depending on personal preference (music genre) you may find other brands more suitable, but this works just fine for me.

    P.S: While the one-button connect bluetooth with iPhones are very convenient, I wish it would do the same for iPad Pro and iPad Air2, since I have multiple Apple products that I use the headphones with.

    4 Stars because the earpads on the headphones start to get uncomfortable (pressing on the ear) after about an hour of use. Head band adjustment (slider) seems a little flimsy, would be nice if they were a little tighter so it would lock in place better.

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    Expected way better

    I've had my headphones less than six months. The sound has been great, but the outer covering on one side has completely separated from the plastic. Cheaply made for such a high-end brand.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not usable in cold weather

    They shut down if its cold outside (around 32F/0C). They'll come back after you get into a warmer place. Useless outside if it's winter, so beware. This is my second pair; same issue. Known issue by Apple and they should let buyers know at this point.

    Great headphones otherwise, just not for about 3 months a year.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I have to say that I find that Beats Solo3 has finally produced a product that many will find to be just perfect. The build quality is very good...many have said otherwise but I disagree. The look is modern and very Apple iproduct. The sound has the bass that you want but not exaggerated. It's not a pair of German audiophile headphones but they are a great modern, well balanced headphones that you'll also like how easily they pair and you'll love the look

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    Better sound than I expected but flawed

    I sent them back. I was really pleased by the sound, it was much better than I expected. I did not find them to be comfortable, When I used them for an extended listening session there were drop outs where the music stopped several times an hour, even with my iPhone 7+ in arms reach, they also lost connection a couple of times so I had to re-pair the with the phone.

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    returned them after 4 days

    I couldn't wait for the airpods to arrive so I purchased the Beats Solo3. They were easy to set up and I liked the sound. I especially liked the long battery life and the ability to walk anywhere in the house and get good sound quality. What I didn't like is the feel of the headphones on my ears. They quickly made my ears feel smothered and warm. The deciding factor for returning them was the poor phone call connection. Several people told me that my voice sounded muffled when I spoke. I applaud Apple for how easy it is to return the phones and get a full refund.

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