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    Best purchase I've made

    Going to college, I heard some recommendations of buying headphones. As an Apple user, I stuck with Beats. Never have a made a better investment than the Studio Wireless. The wireless feature is so underrated and important for mobility, and the noise isolation helps a lot to study or listen to music in a studio setting. Plus, they're very comfortable and have the style of a premium name brand item. Can't say I'll buy anything else in the future! Great product.

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    My Beats Review:

    I bought the Solo 3s in Gold and loved them, so I also picked up a pair of Matte Black Studios. I loved all the of the Beats Headphones that I bought and would definitely go back in a while to pick up the white pair as well. They're pretty much the only headphones I use now! 5 stars!!

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    These are incredible!

    These are the best headphones I have ever had. these headphones are an A+ product.

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    Wish, I could score it lower.

    What a freak joke. Got them, as a present. They worked, about 3 months. Now, won't turn on. Tried rebooting, youtube, friends,etc. Save your money. Warranty, another joke. $199.00 +$6.00

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    Surprisingly poor quality for 400 headphones

    So I've had these beats for about 2 and a half years. Fortunately I did not pay full price for these, and now that I have had them for a while, I definitely would not pay full price for these and would recommend no one else do the same. I use them primarily for studying and when Im at home (use Powerbeats for working out, love those). I agree with everyone that the sound and style is great, I absolutely thought these head phones were amazing at first, but the build quality is very poor. After about a year the head cushion on the left side has started to come off, and my right side headphone is louder than my left side. This is very frustrating and completely unbelievable for something that costs around 400 dollars, you would expect more. Also like I mentioned earlier, Im only really studying with these! Its not they're going through tough workouts or anything. For those considering whether or not to buy this, I would HIGHLY suggest a different pair of headphones or at least looking around. I am disappointed because I was beyond excited when I got these. And let me also say that I am someone who loves all things Apple, so I am used to overprice stuff lol but at least the other Apple products are high quality in my opinion.

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    Good but can do better

    Good sound albeit perhaps a bit too much bass, the bluetooth connectivity to my MacBook is sub par - often not connecting at all or just glitching out, the noise cancelling is fairly average, build quality is not great with the leather of the headphone itself falling apart fairly quickly. The headphones started cracking on one side and I have taped it up to mend. Would not recommend if you are after a sturdy pair of headphones that will last the distance. Definitely not worth the price.

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    POOR craftsmanship, Decent sound, portability and style are great.

    BUILD QUALITY IS VERY POOR. Cushions wear out and the head band at the hinge breaks. I paid for a new headband replacement and then the screws and nuts inside of the headphone were easily stripped. The replacement headband came with stripped pieces. I enjoyed these headphones for work for a about a year. Web-ex calls, music, microphone all work great. Bluetooth pairing is an issue if you use them on different devices. Having metal hinge pieces connected to plastic isn't a good idea. As you take these things off and on the plastic pieces become strained and break... for almost 400 dollars... I can't recommend this piece.. please fix this obvious flaw. I've seen this comment on countless reviews.

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    Great sound, poor quality craftsmanship.

    I've always taken great care of anything I own, so with these headphones, they've never been anywhere by on my head or in the case. I've owned them for 2 years now and the leather cushions have already started cracking and the left side's seam has come apart and the yellow foam cushion is protruding. For headphones that cost almost $400, you would think you'd be getting better quality that this. I've probably had this issue for 6 months or so now, so it's nothing new. Other than that, I love the sound.

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    Good sound, poor material

    I bought my Beats and use them moderately to study and for working out. The quality of sound is great but the craftsmanship is poor. First, you have to get very familiar with the location of the buttons; especially if my device didn't connect, I would have to take my headpiece off to see if I was pressing the correct button. Also, there is a buzzing static sound on my headphones that Is noticeable when no sound is being made. I basically overlooked those things since I hate having to return things... it's just an inconvenience. But, if I would have known that after a couple years the stitch would dehince and the material on the actual ear piece would start rubbing off I would have never bought them. To clean them I just dab, so when those things happened I was upset and felt it was definitely a ripoff.

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    Great Headphones

    Definitely over priced for the materials used, but the materials hold up very well and sound great. These headphones look and feel great when listening to my music. Since buying these I have been fairly successful in tuning annoying people out and jamming to some Kodak Black. Overall great headphones and I have absolutely zero regrets buying these for almost $400

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    Good sound, terrible quality

    I have many beats products, but these are built so poorly, I dont even have words. Sure they sound great, but after 5 months they are falling apart. The headband broke and earpads are peeling off. Just stay away and don't buy them, you will thank me later...

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    My wife bought me some "Beats Studio Wireless Headphones"! Now, I have, MANY TIMES, heard music being played live in recording studios and I have MANY TIMES sat in the pits of Broadway musicals and I have never heard head phone produce the clarity and depth of music as these! I wore them for SIX HOURS straight the first time I put them on and I TRULY got teary eyed from the sound! I may NEVER take them off!!!!!!!! When I listened to music I have been listening to for FORTY YEARS I heard sounds I had never heard before!!! GET SOME!!! GOD BLESS YOU WIFE!

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    Beats Matter bkack

    These headphones are awesome

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    Very Poor Quality Product

    My girlfriend gave the Beats Studio Headphones as a Christmas present. At first I agree with many of the reviews suggesting the amazing sound quality. However 5 months later the charging port no longer worked and the headphones were unable to charge greatly limiting there function. I have taken great care of these headphones, in fact they did not leave my house. I have read of other people reporting this same issue. Given how expensive these headphones are I would not recommend them.

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    Bad Reliability

    I paid full price and was happy with it. The headphone's plastic panel that houses ear pads suddenly broken off in half after less than 2 years of usages. A metal hinge goes inside this plastic panels, and the hinge is much stronger in rigidity than the plastic panels. Stretching your headphones to wear the headphones forces plastic panels to pushed up against this metal hinge inside. Since plastic panels is much weaker in rigidity, plastic panels will break off sooner or later. I can not recommend this headphone knowing what I know now. Repair cost through Apple is $199.00 + $6 S&H. Don't make same mistake and stay away from it.

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    Great headphones

    The headphones are extremely comfortable and I prefer them to the pair of solos that I had in the past. The only minor complaint that I have is that the headphones could be a little louder when maxed out. There is no reason for any headphone to be like and external speaker, but i wouldn't mind them being a tad louder sometimes. Great headphones overall though.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    BEST. EVER. Great for work travel, at home, everywhere.

    The sound from these is just incredible. And thats just the start. The freedom of wireless is a game changer for me. I can now walk around my house, cook, clean etc without having to have my phone connected and carrying that around with me to. As a constant business traveller - the noise cancelling on an airplane just can't be beat. Mix in the music overtop and taking constant air travel turns into a dream. Thanks beats for making these. Seriously.

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    I've got my first Beats today. I was worried about it will works with my Galaxy S6 edge or not. It's like two brother! No problem at all with cable and Bluetooth communication between Samsung and Beats! Sound is amazing! Good bass! Not very loud. But is enough to listen music! Good job!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Wow. All I have to say is wow. Crystal clear sound with juuuuuuuuust enough bass in there to get your head boppin! The noise cancellation in this pair is perfect, I'm sitting in front of a fan on high, and I can't hear it! Completely changes the music listening experience for sure. Best way to listen to music is when you slide one of these on. Been listening on these headphones for about 2 hours now, and I haven't had to adjust once, comfortable ear cups. Perfect headphones.

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