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    Not happy with the colors

    I love the leather cover, but all of the colors are so masculine, with the exception of the Fuschia which is too loud for my liking. I purchased the black, but sent back because it was so harsh. I would love to see the Pink Sand in leather which is beautiful with the rose gold iPad Pro. Hopefully it will appear in the spring color lineup?

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Actually not so smart anymore.

    The iPad Pro 10.5 is different from previous iPads because it has a camera bump. This bump interfere with the "smart" abilities of this cover. As a result, the cover does not have the same magnetic attraction in the open position because this bump asymmetrically ho,do it away from the back of the iPad. Additionally, there is a permanent witness mark in the cover from the ca,era bump.

    Kind of a poor design if you ask me... I guess this is why they release the sleeve.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Luxurious, Functional Protection

    I was very happy to see that Apple brought back the leather versions of this cover for my new 10.5 Pro. I always thought the iPad Pros deserved better then the silicone covers. I love leather on all my devices as well as in general. The leather used this time around is very soft and of high quality. I know some people will not like that the back side is not covered, but for my uses I prefer just the cover protection in addition to being able to stand it up with the tri-fold.

    Hopefully, they will add other colors over time as they are doing with the iPhone cases and Watch bands.

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