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    Leather Smart Cover 12.9

    Hello, anyone interested in a smart cover, either leather or polyurethane you can’t go wrong. I recently just upgraded my old iPad to the new 12.9 iPad Pro. I have always loved a Smart Cover and the way they work. For anyone who doesn’t know, it latches on the side of your iPad with magnets. You are then able to have a nice cover to protect your screen. Opening it wakes up your iPad and closing it sleeps your iPad. You also have ways to prop your iPad up in different modes.
    For myself, instead of using a keyboard case or Smart Keyboard, the Smart Cover has been my go to. They don’t add a lot of bulk, their slim and light and protect your iPads screen really well.
    Myself I use a nice bag to put my iPad in and have a Bluetooth keyboard separate, it’s the perfect combo. Someone was complaining the leather magnets were not working for them. I have never had any problems before and my new cover is no exceptions.
    One other pro tip. The Smart Cover use to have a case that covered the bag of the iPad, in which they made the Smart Cover wider to fit the back cover perfectly. They don’t make that anymore, so the sizing is back to the original a fits perfectly.
    I have never needed a back cover, just a nice bag will do or a great sleeve to slide it into when your on the go.
    Also, anyone interested in the sleeve from Apple and the pencil holder. You can use that with a Smart Cover on. It is going to be a tight fit though.
    Hope this helps anyone interested in this. The leather does run you a little bit more, however it wears really nicely over time. Really just depends on what your looking for and preference.

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    I almost did not buy it because of the reviews. I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT IT!!!

    My husband gave me the big iPad Pro and I wanted to protect it with a smart cover and the sleeves. I went to the Apple Store to see how nice this cover looked and it was (as expected) beautiful. I went to read the reviews and almost did not buy it because of the reviews. I went ahead and bought it anyway and thought I can always return if the magnets were not good, or if it doesn't work. I am so glad I did. It worked on my ipad and I watch shows and the news and the magnets held and I did not have to adjust it at any point. I position it and I am off to watching whatever it is I wanted to watch. I paired this with the Saddle Brown sleeves with the Apple pencil slot and it is perfect. But back to this smart cover. It is very nicely made. Worked VERY WELL with my 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The magnets stayed in place and no adjustment is needed. And my iPad looks soo soo nice. Thank you Apple!!!!

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    Nice, could be nicer

    Love the color, and it works as described. Unfortunately the leather isn’t nearly as nice as my iPhone cover. I should have read the description more carefully. On the iPhones it’s described using tanned and finished European leather. The description for this case just says fine leather. I’m hoping it ages as well as my iPhone cover, but it’s so different I’m not optimistic.

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    Beautiful cover marred by useless magnet - Do not buy

    Gorgeous saddle brown leather cover gives an air of elegance and protection to my 12.9" white iPad Pro. Unfortunately the magnet isn't strong enough to hold up the iPad in either position. Want to watch a movie on a plane? Magnet collapses. Want to type on your lap or make music? Forget about it. Laying down and want to watch a film? Don't think about it. Just a pretty cover, but zero functionality. Look elsewhere. Quite unfortunate because it's all looks and aide from covering the screen, cannot be used in any other way. Wish I knew this beforehand. Fix this, Apple!

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