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    How are you at playing the piano?

    I love Apple products. First Apple computer I had was 1986. I have iPhone, watch, iPad, you name it. Big fan. This new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is no exception BUT it does present one challenge I haven't overcome, as yet. With Apple's new design, there are now TWO keys instead of one key to span in order to REACH the Return key with your pinkie finger. We've all seen examples of ridiculous complaining that makes you roll your eyes. Not my intention here. Merely saying if you don't have super-long fingers and/or big hands, or if you've had YEARS & YEARS of typing on a regular keyboard as I have, this change in design might present a challenge. Just sayin'

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    Very Happy --- Almost perfect

    This keyboard works great; having numeric keypad, full-size arrow keys and full set of function keys is AMAZING! I came from the Apple full size wired keyboard and much prefer the feel of this keyboard, mainly as its closer to the "feel" of my 2017 13inch MacBook Pro. This makes switching back and fourth a lot easier.

    I am disappointed Apple did not:
    - include USB-C cable for charging (this is expensive and all your new MacBooks are USB-C only, this meant I needed to buy another dongle putting the price even higher)
    - did not include key "back-lighting," there are 3rd party options that include both space gray and back-lighting
    - does not sell a space gray version to match my brand new 2017 MacBook Pro
    - has not found a way to "un-map" the F14 and F15 keys from screen brightness (this was available within accessibility prior to Sierra OS X). To me, this is simply unacceptable.
    - finger print sensor (I can live without this as its easy enough to just use the MacBook Pro touch bar but slightly frustrating as the Microsoft equivalent of this keyboard includes this feature for the same price as the Apple keyboard)

    Some people complain this keyboard is not ergonomic as it doesn't tilt up (towards you). This is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!! If you understand ergonomics you would know that the keyboard should allow your wrists to remain as flat as possible. An "up tilt" only makes ergonomics worse, not better. This keyboard is fantastic for ergonomics as it lays flat, this also more closely mirrors your hand position on a laptop. This obviously is not a full fledged ergonomic keyboard as it does not split/separate in the middle, but that is more than clear in the picture.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the keyboard. In my opinion there isn't a better keyboard if you use Apple iMac or MacBook. With that said, Apple has the tech to make this keyboard much better and I'm disappointed they wouldn't. The changes I suggested would be very easy and relatively inexpensive with the exception of the finger print sensor.

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    Long awaited!

    Already have smaller version at home, been waiting the extended version for work, same excellent quality to use and great to have the additional key, plus no more replacing batteries!

    On a negative note my function keys (F keys at top) are not mapped out correctly, some not working at all, this may be due to my OS being on 10.11 and not 10.12 as its mentions in the spec.

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