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    I never have an issue with this keyboard. Mine isn't bowed, but I have seen ones that are, but really, it makes no difference at all, it still works flawlessly. People just love to moan.

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    Great Keyboard!

    The reviews here all all over the map. I suppose everyone has their experience and perspective but some of the comments I find a bit hard to understand. I bought mine at an Apple Store, it was not bent, it sits perfectly flat on my desktop, no wobbles, and I see no indications that it is going to bend in the middle. I suppose if you are sitting on the couch with this in your lap and have a really heavy keystroke ... maybe. Yes, it sits quite flat, just as past versions, and there is no provision to tilt it but frankly I find the typing position to be very much to my liking. With forearms flat on the desk my hands fall naturally to the keyboard, no issues there though I will say that I use a folded towel under my wrists that cushion and raise them by perhaps a half an inch. The keystroke is not as nice as the fantastic keyboard on the new MPB but very similar to past apple keyboards I've owned. We'll give it a few hundred hours of use for a final verdict but "all good" at the moment. Blue tooth pairing was quick and easy and after several days I've not had any issues with losing connectivity.

    So yes, it's bloody expensive but it works exactly as I had expected it to, looks good on the desk, and the numeric keypad is an absolute essential if you do a lot of spreadsheet work. So I give 5 stars after a week of use and will come back with a long term review a couple months down the track.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't know what other people are talking about!

    Keyboard works as advertised, good feel, perfect condition!

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    Really loving this keyboard. I am not having any issues others have experienced--no bending and angle of keyboard. Using this product with my iMac 27 (mid 2015) and running Sierra. So far, no problems.

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    Its about time!

    Personally, I have been using the old wired Apple keyboard with numeric keypad and I absolutely loved the keyboard, except I was wanting to move away from the complete wire setup and be completely wireless. With the new MacBook Pro coming out and after using that for a few weeks, I could not go back to the old traditional keyboard, since I got used to the keyboard on the MacBook. Switching back and forth between laptop and desktop setups was starting to get annoying with the two different keyboards. Now its the best of both worlds. Same comfortability of the MacBook Pro, and a wireless numeric keypad.

    Oh, and the battery life is excellent, similarly to the Magic Mouse 2, barely ever recharge the thing.

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    Very smooth keyboard

    Nice key operation and big improvement over standard keyboard without the numbers section.

    Previous reviews mentioned keyboard was not flat and curved at the edges. Have to agree with this criticism. Mine was slightly curved and could be 'rocked' from end to end when on a flat surface. Took the bull by the horns and applied gentle twisting action at each end of the board and this has cured the problem. Keyboard now sits neatly and flat on my desktop.

    Word of warning for anyone else trying this - be very careful how much pressure you apply when twisting the ends. Better to do it in very gradual stages to avoid breaking totally. Do it properly though and the problem can be solved without having to travel back to your nearest store (in my case 30 miles each way) to end up possibly with a new keyboard that may have the same problem.

    Other than that point the keyboard is excellent piece of kit

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    Just awesome

    I have a PC I still use for gaming. I liked the aesthetics of this keyboard, the minimalistic design was way more appealing than those bulky gaming keyboards. I wanted to use it on my PC and Mac and discovered it works perfectly that way. You can use it with a PC without any issues. I currently have it wired to my PC and for my MacBook Pro (that I often use in Clamshell mode at home) I just unplug the keyboard and it instantly connects to it wirelessly. Works like a charm, it looks great on my desk, and also is quite a pleasure to type on it. The short fused keys are specially comfortable if you do not like to smash keys but instead use precise low sound presses. Great Apple, this is exactly what I wanted.

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    Awesome, works perfect

    I have waited three years for this keyboard to be released, thought about trying the Logitech and others but did not want a USB slot taken up on my laptop...Now, I have been using the Apple Wireless keyboard with numeric for three weeks-everyday, 8hours/day, and so far it has been great. Charged it once and still have 74% battery remaining. I can't believe it took Apple so long to build this product..regardless, it's here now and it works.

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    That REVERSE DELETE button tho...

    Talk about workflow improvement. Spreadsheets are much more enjoyable now.

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    Finally a Page Up/Down Button

    This Keyboard is Awesome !!! It was easy to setup and I love to once again have a full size keyboard. Its great to once again have number keys, page up and page down to use with my Mac Book Pro. I also love the feel of the new keys.

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    I love this keyboard

    I bought this keyboard with my mac and I love it. I am use to working with 10 punch anyway so it's very convenient for me.

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    Love it

    Apple finally released Wireless Magic keyboard with Numeric Keypad and its amazing. Its so convenient to have it, and it has really great functions. It has more shortcut keys. The battery lasts a very long time. I have it for a month and half and I haven't charged it even ones yet. Its just Amazing. I got it as in addition with my Amazing iMac 5k 2017 model.

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    Finally the bluetooth version of the extended keyboard. I was so happy to see that this was finally out and I love it.

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    Desktop Is Easier to Manage

    When entering credit card information, working on spreadsheets, or a multitude of numeric-intensive apps, the extended keyboard is a necessity for me. It's a productivity issue. But the keyboard is positioned exactly in the place to cause problems with desktop management using a connecting cable.

    Problem solved. Elegantly and completely.

    I had read where others have difficulty with the angle of the keyboard and was concerned about that. I've been using the keyboard for a couple of weeks and don't find that to be an issue. At all.

    I have been looking for an Apple Bluetooth extended keyboard to be introduced for some time. It's here and it's what I've wanted.

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    Works Great

    I read previous reviews and was expecting the keyboard to be just okay. I have found no problems with it at all and I am very happy with it. I am a slower typer than most and have no issue with the angle. The keyboard does have a slight angle to it and that works fine for me. I really like the rechargeable battery and battery life has been awesome.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best keyboard I have ever used

    I have used a lot of keyboards designed for Apple products over my many years of video production, and this keyboard by far tops them all.

    The short and snappy travel distance of the keys is perfect, it's responsive and an absolute pleasure to type with. The added numeric keys were exactly what I was looking for - and something everyone that uses this keyboard (professionally or recreationally) will be pleased with.
    The build quality is also absolutely fantastic, there is nothing that would make me think this keyboard will wear down. It also has a fantastic minimalistic look that blends in perfectly to the new iMacs.

    Definitely justifies the price, and I would definitely recommend this keyboard to anyone who needs a new keyboard for their Apple device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Perfect Keyboard for any Mac

    basically i was in doubt if the keyboaared would even work but it is everything i hope for and more thanks ok

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Finally a wireless full keyboard w/numeric keypad!!!

    I just ordered the Magic keyboard with numeric key pad today. I'm satisfied with my switch from laptop to Apple with my new 15" Macbook Pro, but disappointed with having to spend a lot of money on UCB-C adaptors and also after purchasing a Magic keyboard without numeric keypad.

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    Great Keyboard

    Just bought my new wireless keyboard with a number pad. I really, really like it. As with all Apple products, installation was a breeze. The feel and response is excellent. Having the numeric keypad is something I've wanted in a wireless keyboard. Some reviewers have complained about no backlighting--I don't think that's an issue at all since I use it with my iMac is a well-lit situation. Others complain about the lack of angle adjustment--I find that the "flat" angle allows me to type with my wrists in a very neutral position which is the key to an ergonomic position. Angling it up would put my wrists at a non-neutral angle.

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    Great keyboard

    Been hanging out for this for ages like so many others. My iMac was replaced recently and with it a new Magic 2 keyboard. Already used to the flatter footprint compared to the original magic keyboard so no problems with the lower profile. With the new magic trackpad, certainly takes up a bit more space on the desk but they look oh so good together. And it works extremely well.

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