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    Great look and color for the stainless steel watch

    Apple must think only wearers of the grayish finish aluminum watch wear sport bands! I have 4 of them and a 38MM stainless steel watch. For me these bands are more comfortable/adjustable than the leather bands. The gray, light violet, light pink etc are pretty boring pastels that match the matte finishes of the aluminum watch. These shades underperform with a stainless steel watch, but the Blue Orbit/Gamma Blue stands up to the shiny steel watch nicely. It looks trendy/sporty while the perforations allow for evaporation and avoidance of stickiness. Sorry this is sold out but hope Apple will do some more interesting saturated colors for the both regular and perforated Nike bands. Plum, (not grape) Teal, Rust, Magenta, Hot Pink, Wine please!

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