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    The color is the problem . . .

    . . not the fit or finish of the band as such.

    The website does not make clear what can immediately be seen in person and what can be inferred from the website only after carefully reading the Nike Watch section: The trim color of this band will not match any color on a Series 1 or 2 watch face; and, to be frank, clashes with any color that you choose, even the closest green or (ick) yellow. What color does the trim color match? Only the Nike Volt color that appears only on the Nike watch face. If you have the Nike edition, this band likely would look terrific, but it looks awful on any other Series 1 or 2 watch face. (I am returning my band to Apple for credit.)

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    Perfect all around Apple Watch Band

    When Apple announced the Black/Volt Nike Sport Band was available for purchase without purchasing the Nike Watch, I was in. My band arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it. The band is very comfortable and breathes very well. The band is very stylish for every day use. I would recommend this band to any Apple Watch owner.

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    Very comfortable sports band

    I bought the Nike Apple Watch 2 and it came with this band.
    It's the most comfortable watch and band that I've ever had.
    I've had mine about 6 months and it's holding up very well.
    I would recommend this band to anyone.
    I had to buy the watch to get it but would buy this replacement
    if I ever needed too. 5 stars!!
    North Carolina

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