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    Breaks quickly

    This products music quality is great. I’ve on bout mines last October and the first few months was fine, until I notice the cover for the ears started to undo (considering I’ve only use the under normal conditions). And within a few weeks one the opposite ears was shorting out every now and then. And today the 14 May 2018 it completely stopped working , now only one ears work in less than one year of onwership. I am completely gutted an devastated.

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    Don’t buy, they won’t last!

    Purchased Beats Studio Wireless two years ago and after a year of low usage (around the home use only) the leather type material around the earphone cushion started to peal off. Terrible cosmetic quality however the sound it produces is still good. Apple Support is unable to help with a fix for this issue as the cushion cannot be simply be replaced with new cushion. Apple Support suggested I send the headphones to them, however is will be an ‘out-of-warranty’ repair at an eye-watering $299 AUD. Due to this do not consider Beats as a durable product which will last, especially if you intend of using them regularly. Shonky build quality and materials with a premium price tag, equals a Do Not Buy recommendation.

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    Prepare for repair

    I have enjoyed beats for the majority of my life. I’m 15, I got my first pair in 2010, I loved them and used them constantly. The new Beats Solo3 came out and I was ecstatic! I had to buy them, so I got a paper round and saved up every penny. Finally I could buy the headphones I wanted. I loved and used them every single day. 2 months out of the warranty and the left headphone suddenly stops working, it was a disaster but I had faith in Apple and immediately called them, expecting to pay a price for the unexplained break. When I find out I have to pay £136.44 for the service I was taken back. It took me ages to save up for them and now I have to pay nearly half the price I paid in the beginning for a repair for a fault I never caused! I’m an Apple advocate and I love all their products but it seems strange that these, expensive, luxury, amazing headphones break two months out of their warranty date. It upsets me, I won’t be able to afford the fix and now every activity I do is changed. Walking to school. Going on runs. Dancing. Going to bed. Waking up. Everything is effected.

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    It's a great product but sometimes I get air fatigue. Also I think it's so expensive

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    Don't buy doesn't last

    This was my 3rd pair of Solo's. I had solo 2s twice and now these and all 3 have stopped working on one side. i am not rough with the headphones they are actually in perfect condition. This is just poor craftsmanship. There are you/tube videos about this problem and how to fix it. Dont be fooled like me that paid 330$ Canadian for something that barely lasted a year.

    $160 to "fix it" i use that term loosely as it will just break again

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