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    iPad 2017 Smart Cover

    Just received the Smart Cover for my new iPad. Unlike previous reviews, the magnets seem to be quite secure so far. However, I am so disappointed in the quality of the cover. My previous tablet is the iPad 2, which is 6 years old. I have not seen any of the interim covers, so am not sure if the quality decline has been gradual. For the cost, I would expect more from Apple.

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    Smart Cover for New iPad 2017

    Ordered this for my New iPad and it won't stay on. Magnets are week and when you open, it comes off. Prior models worked well, but not this one.

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    Works well

    Got one for my wife about 2 years ago. The only thing 'wrong' with it is that since it is pink, it get dirty and need to be cleaned. But that has to be expected. It does not come off, ever. Unless they are making them differently these days, I cannot see how it would come off on it's own. I really have to want to remove it to get it off. She uses it every day and it still looks new (after a cleaning, of course) and never come off.

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    Won't stay attached.

    Don't waste your money. I ordered it after checking my new iPad (2017, 5th Gen) was comparable. Arrived home today to find out it won't stay attached. I can get it on there, but any attempt to "open" the iPad with it on results in it coming off. Contacted Apple Support and they won't do anything for me.

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