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    Why have a cover that protects your screen and leaves the back of your iPad (including the camera lense) to be damaged? Pointless.

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    It's better than I imagined!

    I've been using this for about a few months. Not only is it tougher than I thought it was, but Ice accidently dropped my iPad with this on and the grip is super strong, but even at that, the cover barely is affected after a drop on hard floor and it does what it's intended to do- clean fingerprints. I even like how it folds back properly and it still nearly looks the same as if I had just bought it.

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    Improved smooth magnetic clip, vibrant colour

    Bought the RED cover for my iPad (new) 2017. The colour is a vibrant red, really stands out and has a smooth feel. In terms of clipping onto the iPad, this seems to be a product upgrade as the magnetic clips are covered with the RED cover material which means you won't get any markings on the side of your iPad. It is only a cover though, so to protect the back you'd still need a casing which Apple has currently not on the market. I keep the device in a separate durable/zipped soft sleeve. Very pleased.

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    Bought online and immediately returned. It is a foldable price of leather that covers the front only and folds up to stand up your iPad. It is utterly useless as doesn't protect the. Ack of the iPad. Very expensive and completely not work it.

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    Decent Screen Cover

    I haven't had any of the issues mentioned in the other reviews.

    Having read the description, it wasn't expecting a cover for the back, only for the screen, which is exactly what I was looking for.

    So far as its fit, it snugly sits on the screen and the magnetic strip securely holds the screen cover to the device.

    In short, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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    Not for me

    I don't like the way the cover disconnects while using the iPad. It is light, covers the glass well and is easy to install. However, folding the cover back, as if to make it stand, and holding the iPad by the cover, the iPad can unexpectedly separate. Leaving you holding the cover as the iPad crashes to the floor. I have a similar case for the iPad mini and have never had the same issue. I'm not sure of that brand, but this one does not work for me. I like the color, but don't feel this cover protects my new purchase, just the opposite.

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    Disappointing. I'm returning it.

    Cover not fit for purpose. It doesn't stick to the side of iPad and it doesn't sit flush on screen. A shame as I always buy Red products, but this cover is poorly designed and it just doesn't work.

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    Poor quality, over priced

    No back to this cover so IPAD not protected, poor quality over priced. Apple please bring back the covers which also have the back to protect your Ipad. Spent a lot of money on my IPad 2017 so I want to look after it.

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    not impressed ...

    I purchased this w/ new ipad2 mini. At first it's secure. Eventually the side hole ripped. Fixed that. Overtime the suede/leather stretches a bit, enough that it is not as snug.
    My ipad2 slipped out of it and screen cracked. Luckily I had Apple Care.
    ~~ loved the cover at first but was eventually disappointed in it and now have to find a replacement that will protect it better.

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    Waste of money

    Really disappointed when this arrived as I thought it would be the same as my mini iPad cover. The back of my iPad is not protected and is getting scratched already and the magnetic section does not stay in place when the iPad is tilted. It basically keeps sliding over. Definitely not worth the money but stuck with it now as the other type of cover is even more expensive.

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