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    This is the best one

    I've tried all of the 7-series leather cases. They're all fail in one important respect: they're too slippery, which is crazy because the previous leather cases were not, and the iPhone itself (since version 6) has been too slippery. So one of the benefits of using a case is negated. This one is different, however. I'm not sure why. But it's grippy, tacky, whatever you want to call it, and has a nice spongy feel, as well. Plus it's beautiful. Looks equally good on the black and white phones, too. Thank goodness, for if I had not found this case, I would have given up on the 7-series phones altogether. The newish leather cases also do not show the same degree of machining defects/wrinkles that the original 7-series leather cases did.

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    Get the leather!

    I tried this case after a year of looking for the perfect companion to my iPhone 7 plus with no avail! I purchased the silicone case last Friday and I DO NOT RECOMMEND going that route! The silicone was cheap, flaking and chipped within a few days. All of the silicone displays for trying on at the Apple store were chipped!! I immediately returned my case at the beginning of my week. I've never owned anything leather and was VERY hesitant on this purchase (as I'm tired of wasting my hard earned money). After some persuasion from another apple customer watching my interaction during my silicone return I took the leap and am so glad I did.! I opted for the new geranium color leather case after debating between geranium, sunflower and berry. I think the geranium color will have the nicest aging process out of the 3! (Apparently leather will change color and darken over time) I love that my new buttons are metallic, the case is sturdy and FINALLY my iPhone is fierce!! So glad I returned my silicone case, and picked up this beauty. I hope it lasts me 2+ years.

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    Although Apple's cases are slightly expensive you're getting a premium, beautiful, leather case which is for one an amazing home for my case. Two, drop tested and has saved my phone on numerous occasions and three, a bold striking design which I absolutely love!

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