• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Headphones-Minus 1 Simple Feature

    • Written by Holly R from Ottawa

    I just purchased these headphones yesterday, and generally speaking they are the best headphones I have ever purchased and in my opinion well worth the money. The fit of the headphones is wonderful and it feels like I have barely have anything on my head. The colour I chose is gorgeous, it is such a pretty, soft pink. The sound is amazing, in all of my past headphones, the sound quality has never compared, and I was quite literally blown away when I tried them for the first time last night. I also appreciate how easy all the functions are to use.

    What I feel like they lack is something that in my mind should be simple, stupid and quite obvious. I find it absolutely ridiculous that even when you have them wired into your laptop with the cord that you still have to have the battery turned on to have any sound function at all. Because of this, while you are wired, you are still draining battery in the background, and then your headphones will eventually just die while you are watching a movie or a tv show. While maybe it seems basic and old school, I believe that all headphones, should be able to be powered by their cord without having to waste precious battery life. I am very disappointed in how quickly my headphones died while watching a tv show, and I think that Beats should try bringing back a basic but very useful function of headphones!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great sound, terrible build quailty

    • Written by Harrison A from Ottawa

    I have had these headphones for a while now, replaced once and now needing to be replaced again. If you are a traveler or just on the go with these BE CARFUL. I literally unfolded them last week and one side completely snapped off. The Bose equivalent of these have amazing sound quality as well but are built to be thrown around. They can keep up with your lifestyle or in my case, unfolding the headphones. :/

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