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    Harman Kardon Car Audio Experience in a Headphone!

    • Written by Sherry K from FORT WORTH

    Everyone has that one thing you will go above and beyond for in order to get exactly what they have been looking for in their idea of the ultimate experience. Mine is music with an immersive sound so true that brings you every nuance as if you were in the recording studio with them when they cut the track. I had found that many years ago in the top of the line audio option for BMWs sports lines. As I have graduated to newer BMWs, the sound has always stayed consistently amazing. I was beginning to wonder if that quality has ruined the experience of music through headphones. Then iPhone offered these and I finally found that audio gold I had been looking for in a headphone! I use these all of the time and they never let me down in any way. Long lasting battery life, fast recharge, and when the sound comes out of them you are transported to a spot in the recording studio where they layed down your favorite tracks whatever they may be. These babies do not have a sweet spot in certain musical stylings like just about every other brand out there. EVERYTHING is a sweet spot with them!! If you honestly appreciate music, you can not go wrong with these!!!!

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    Made for frequent flyers

    • Written by Slobodanka V from Basingstoke

    I travel on weekly basis for work and my Red Beats changed my life and the concept of being at the airport twice a week <3

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    Beats 3 headphones

    • Written by barrie L from Canterbury

    Very impressive
    so much so bought the wife a set as well :)

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