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    It’s Electric!

    Every single time I walk into a store and think of buying a leather case for my silver iPhone X, I always back out. None of the colors have ever attracted me as much as this electric blue case. I don’t know what type of pigment they used to color this leather, but they hit the shade right out of the ballpark! It’s a vivid blue that strikes the line between elegant and hip.

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    Beautiful Case and Color

    I’ve purchased many cases (Otterbox, Amazon various brands, etc.) and nothing will compare to Apple’s signature leather. They fit so perfectly onto each phone, give great protection and have such a premium feel. This electric blue color is perfect for the upcoming sunshine, and I couldn’t be happier with its vibrancy. I recommend it to all who love the color blue.

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    The best color Blue Apple as done next to there famous midnight blue

    So your shopping for a new case for your brand New iPhone X or your wanting to change things up a bit from the case your using then look no fearther then Apple’s leather cases the electric blue color it a great new color and it looks and feels fantastic it fits snugly on your phone the buttons are easy to use I love the color matched buttons they are a great accent to the case I think this is going to be on my iPhone X for a long time If your looking to buy one they ship really fast I ordered mine and received it 2 days later and I live in Alaska

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