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    Best alternative to the original Sport Band!!

    I was looking for another strap other than my Nike Sport Band. This time it needs to be suitable to be worn on any occasion. The original Sport Band is good, but almost everyone wears it. Too boring. Then I found this Nike Sport Loop in Black/Pure Platinum, and I loved it straight away (matches with my Nike Series Watch, too).

    The material really surprised me with its soft surface and light weight. You will feel that your wrist now only support the watch itself without feeling any strap attached on it. The velcro system is quite strong and with high quality. The Pure Platinum color softens the Black so it makes the dark color unique and the nylon woven gives this 3D-ish look.

    I have a 165 mm wrist and it still has 30 mm to spare until the end of the loop touches the watch. I've been wearing it daily to work and on the weekends since the color matches almost everything. I am an easily sweating guy, walk a lot, and this strap dries the sweat quickly.

    With its high quality, I didn't mind paying IDR 999,000 for the strap. Especially, hey, it's an exclusive product of Apple + Nike. Couldn't ask for anything better.
    Since we don't have an Apple Store here in Indonesia, it was quite difficult to find this strap at local Apple authorized reseller stores. So, if you are looking for alternatives to the original Sport Band, grab this Nike Sport Loop fast!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nike black/pure platinum sport loop band

    The nylon sport loop bands are one of the best bands out there that Apple has made
    for $49 is not to bad for the price
    They are very light weight and confertable to wear & I love the color I have the
    Nike black/pure platinum sport loop band & I also love that
    It’s sweet & water proof I love that you don’t have to worry
    about it getting wet and start to come apart cause it won’t
    I also like how it goes well with my space grey watch it’s my #1 band I use it everyday all day
    so if you want a soft light weight nylon Band and you won’t it in black to match your
    space grey Apple Watch or any color watch you have I would go with this one
    it’s the Nike black/pure platinum sport loop band I know you will love it as much as I do

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