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    Darker, Tougher Than Imagined

    Wanted this sleeve ever since it was released for the 12" MacBook, so I finally was able to purchase this after almost (or over) a year of waiting.

    I was expecting something very soft to the touch. This is harder than I imagined, but not in a bad way. It's more akin to the leather iPhone cases, and in hindsight seems like it'll wear / handle abuse well. The fit is very snug, enough that the MacBook would never accidentally slip out despite that there's no zipper or fastener. In fact, getting the laptop in the first time required a bit of effort. I could tell that the sleeve would eventually conform to my laptop, and liked that.

    The color is also darker than in the photos. It's more of a true midnight blue, which in a room during sunset might even look black. In the sunlight the blue is definitely noticeable, but dark enough that it doesn't take away from the class and make it seem casual. If you're in the market for the black version, this splash of color might be very appealing.

    Although the sleeve is pricey, I think it's worth it and highly recommend it.

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