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    Simply Stunning Buckle

    • Written by etta I from BROOKLYN

    This buckle is simple and elegant. I bought the ruby red in a small because I have really tiny wrists. It fits perfectly. The strap is so thin it lies flat on your wrist -- absolutely no bulk. I wear my watch on my right wrist and, because this buckle is not bulky, my wrist lies flat on the desk or whatever surface I am using when I write and the strap does not interfere with my writing (I bought a beautiful leather strap on Etsy, but, apart from the fact that the small is too large for my wrist, it is too bulky and writing is uncomfortable). In addition to its thinness, this buckle feels feather light -- which is to say that I really do not feel the weight of a watch on my wrist. The ruby red color works perfectly with my stainless steel case. I have been wearing this strap for the last three days and I simply can't stop admiring it on my wrist (or my wrist with it on? :-)). I hope that it is durable. i am so in love with the buckle that I ordered it in two more colors -- forest green and cape cod blue.

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