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    My new favorite color sport loop

    • Written by Joshua L from West Chester

    I was looking to get the red silicone band just to be able to wear and add some color. Previously I bought the grey and blue sport loops to use instead of the black silicone band the SSSB watch I bought came with. I didn't quite expect to like the nylon sport loops so much. I haven't worn the silicone band since. Was so happy to see the red sport loop band.

    Visually I think it is the exact red that I wanted. Bold with darker red making up the contrasting color. I think it looks superb on the black watches to the point where I don't know why Apple doesn't show it on both silver and black on the site.

    From a wearing it around standpoint I personally really like the sport loops. They never seem to agitate the skin although i haven't exercised with one. The sport loop can be adjusted to your exact size whether you want it snug or loose. The hook and loop system for clasping it seems like it will last long. My other sport loop I have only had for 2 months but I haven't seen any signs of nylon fraying. It holds well and have never had an issue of the band becoming unclasped when it shouldn't.

    Really the only ding on this product is cost at $50. If however the band lasts with the hook and loop system I think that could help balance out the cost.

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