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    Doesn't Pass Through with Third Parties

    • Written by Drew C from Golden Valley

    This device appears to only work and report properly with Apple chargers. We purchased some RAVPower 61 watt chargers and attempted to connect and charge a 12-inch macbook with both this dongle and a third party dongle.

    Generally, both dongles consumed 2-5 watts, without peripherals. With the RAVPower charger and third party dongle would typically report somewhere near 55 watts total.

    But the reported wattage with this dongle was only 2 watts total unless we connected an Apple charger specifically.

    This is typically not enough to overcome the discharge rate of a working laptop, and only slowed the drain.

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    Tim Crook and Co

    • Written by Gym B from Burnaby

    Just a new Apple user, and decided to switch to MacBook Pro to make my life simpler compared to the Windows and Android eco-system.

    Everything was going great until I decided to buy a magic mouse 2 and only to notice that the mouse did not have the basic of basic necessity. such as USB-C to lightning port to charge my mouse from my MacBook, so I was forced to pay an extortion fee of $25 to buy a dingle dongle to connect my usb-c port to a usb and to a lightning port, just to charge my mouse, because there is no usb-c to lighting to charge my new mouse. Which was kind of odd that I had to charge my mouse from the Iphone charger.

    2 weeks gone by and I needed to connect my MacBook Pro to my iMac desktop. One problem, there is no usb-c to connect to my thunder port. Darn, what should I do, is it the end of the world? No, because for a price of a cup of coffee for 3 month, I am able to afford to upgrade to a USB-C to Digital AV Multiport adapter, just to connect my MacBook Pro to my iMac?

    That is when something clicked, and I realize that I was riden on like a donkey because there is no other port on the new MacBook Pro.

    Then something click, and I thought that was genius of Tim Crook and Co. By making there new product with USB-C only, not only can they make the thinest laptop on the market, but they will be able to milk you, not just with one hand, but two!

    But I am still happy because it is a Apple.

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    Poor Quality - Stopped Working

    • Written by STEPHEN C from La Canada Flintridge

    I bought 2 for presentations. 1 as a backup. 1 of 2 have stopped working after no more than 15 hrs of use. Going to try an Anker at half the price.

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