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    Fast UHS-II RAW image downloads to your Mac

    • Written by Curtis M from Cincinnati

    I'm using this with a 2018 Mac mini to download pictures from my Sony A7R III SD cards. RAW image downloads really fast, especially if the card is UHS-II. I was able to copy 10 GB from a Sony UHS-II card to my Mac mini's internal SSD in about 40 seconds. On the card reader, there is a little mark to indicate where the top of the SD card is and you can easily tell when the card is inserted all the way.

    Presumably this works well with all Apple computers with USB-C and the 2018 iPad Pro. I haven't tested the card reader with an iPad Pro.

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    Works great for me

    • Written by Cara S from Somers

    So I got this adaptor when I got my new MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) when my old MacBook Pro (2011) died. As the new ones don't come with a card reader as my old one did. This works great! I use it to transfer the video files from my Canon video camera (haven't tested with my husband still picture camera yet). The transfers are much faster than on my old computer but that could also be the computer itself. I do not have a new enough iPad to try this with that so I can not comment on that, but like with the USB adaptors I feel most people don't review these things when they work and want to get another review on here saying "yes it works fine".

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    Works perfectly. Does what it is designed to do.

    • Written by Charles J from Woodstock

    Bought this to add an SD card reader to my new Mac mini. Because it has a short cable (about 2 inches), I bought a good quality one meter USB-C extension cable from another site. Works perfectly. I use it to import pictures taken with a digital SLR camera. macOS recognizes the SD card every time without having to unplug and re-plug in the cable, which is the case with some USB SD card readers. I've never been disappointed with Apple products.

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    You Will Love This

    • Written by Elaine B from Shasta Lake

    Great product. Now you don't need a bulky old fashioned card reader ot a HooToo to get your media on to your MBP or iMac. Easy to use and of course super fast.

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    • Written by LVCHY C from Griffin

    I brought this to be able to edit my dash cam videos on my MacBook Pro (that doesn't have SD slits) I have only used it a few times and has been pretty good - a little pricey but worth it.

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