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    Durability issue

    • Written by Patrick C from Portland

    I just bought this case yesterday and it’s tearing! Not sure if it’s isolated to the case I have, but really bummed because otherwise it’s a great case...

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    • Written by Megan N from Eugene

    this color is a joke. I showed this to my friend who works at apple and I asked him how he liked my green case. He looked at it and said "this is blue...you should be able to return it for the correct color" . Unfortunately my blue case is what apple calls pacific green. Why is it so hard to make a green case?

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    • Written by Dan C from NEWINGTON

    I buy Apple everything...I really think they make great stuff....but what they don't know is the color green. Every time they try to make a green case it is an utter failure. The olive green was grey and this is blue. Not even slightly green...completely blue. Actually similar to an iPhone X color they used to have. Shame.

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