Movie Signup FAQs

How do I sign up to sell my content on the iTunes Store?

To sign up to sell your content on the iTunes Store, complete the application.

What types of movies can I sell on the iTunes Store?

The iTunes Store accepts feature-length motion pictures and short films — made available to customers in 480p, 720p, or 1080p quality. How-to videos, user-generated content, and other types of videos that are not normally considered to be motion pictures or documentaries are not accepted.

Some content on the iTunes Store is intended for mature audiences and is designated as such by its MPAA rating. Viewer discretion is advised.

Please note that the iTunes Store does not accept films containing graphic sex scenes where the film's primary purpose is sexual titillation.

Movies must be provided in the language(s) of the territory you are applying to distribute in, or they must be dubbed or subtitled in the language(s) of that territory. In addition, any movie offered for distribution in a territory must comply with the ratings requirements for exhibition in that territory.

What is the difference between aggregators and encoding houses?

Aggregators offer valuable services to film distributors who want to sell content on the iTunes Store. For a fee they can format and deliver your content to Apple’s specifications and act as the primary contact with the Apple Operations team to ensure timely processing of the digital files. Apple pays the aggregator for all transactions, and the aggregator then pays the content owner.

Regardless of whether you choose to use an aggregator, all content must be encoded and delivered by an approved Apple encoding facility. The encoding facility processes the content in the Apple-specific encode that is required for distribution on the iTunes Store.

Should I sign up directly with Apple or go through an aggregator?

The majority of independent movie content offered on the iTunes Store comes through our aggregator partners, who offer valuable services to independent film distributors. Working with an aggregator is often the fastest way to offer your movies on the iTunes Store. A list of Apple-approved aggregators is available here.

If you want to apply to sell your movies on iTunes by working directly with Apple, complete the online application.

Do I need an Apple ID to sell movies on the iTunes Store?

Yes, you must have an Apple ID and a current credit card on file with the iTunes Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one using iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download it here to get started.

How much does it cost to sign up to sell my content on the iTunes Store?

Signing up to sell your content on the iTunes Store is free. More details regarding sales terms are available during the sign-up process.

Do I need a U.S. Tax ID?

Yes, we require a U.S. Tax ID as part of the iTunes Connect sign-up and authentication process. This requirement also applies to providers outside the U.S. To request a U.S. Tax ID from the IRS, click here.

Be sure to enter your U.S. Tax ID correctly when applying. If you are prompted to complete U.S. tax forms on iTunes Connect, you must use the same U.S. Tax ID.

I get an error message that the first or last name I entered does not match the name on file for the Apple ID I entered. What do I do?

Reenter your Apple ID or go to your account information on the iTunes Store and update the name on file.

I already have an iTunes Connect account to sell another media type (apps, books, music, or TV content). Can I use it to sell movie content?

If you currently have an iTunes Connect account to sell apps or books, you cannot create a second iTunes Connect account with the same Apple ID. You’ll need to set up a new Apple ID and use it to complete a separate movie application.

If you currently have an iTunes Connect account to sell music or TV content, or if you have an Apple ID that you used to apply to sell music or TV content on iTunes and the application is pending approval, you can use that Apple ID to complete the movie application.

Who should apply to sell content on the iTunes Store on behalf of my company?

Someone with signature authority should apply to sell content on the iTunes Store. Only that individual can accept the standard iTunes Store contract on iTunes Connect.

I’m being prompted to enter my legal name. Should I use my own name or my company’s name?

If you’re registered as a company, enter your legal entity name. If you’re signing up as an individual, enter your first and last names. The legal name you enter should match the name affiliated with the U.S. Tax ID and Tax ID type that you provide with your application.

How will I be notified of my application status?

You will be notified via email. Check any spam filters on your email account and make sure your account is set up to receive email from

If my application is accepted, in what countries will my movies be available?

iTunes movie providers have the option to request contracts for all regions in which the iTunes Store sells movies. Once a contract for a specific region has been finalized and all other requirements have been met, movies that have been delivered to us with territory rights cleared in that region may be made available for sale there.