Feiyu Tech SPG Plus Gimbal Rig for iPhone

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    The Feiyu Tech SPG Plus Gimbal Rig helps you capture professional quality, stabilised free-floating video footage with your iPhone. Using this finely crafted, 3-axis stabilising handheld gimbal, you can rotate your iPhone in any direction, whilst the camera stays horizontal or vertical even if the support is tipped.

    Creative freedom

    SPG Plus can automatically shift between horizontal and vertical screen modes, so your creative range is no longer screen-limited. An extremely comfortable vertical screen stabilisation solution, the SPG Plus uses a specially designed altitude sensor to automatically switch to vertical screen mode when tilted. The screen also turns automatically toward the handle, in an ergonomically natural position. In this mode you can also adjust the camera horizontally, using the joystick. The SPG Plus offers 360-degree limitless panning, 320-degree tilting and 100-degree rolling. Combined with its structural stabilisation, the SPG Plus makes it is easy to take perfect panoramic pictures with your iPhone.

    Impressive flexibility and precision

    The SPG Plus’s optimised split-level fixture system lets you collapse and extend it on both sides to balance with the gravity center of all different smartphones. In addition, thanks to the SPG Plus’s unique sliding arm mechanism, which replaces conventional gimbal counterweights, you can easily balance your iPhone, no matter which accessories you attach to vary your video style - even a heavy lens clip. With this precise gravity center adjustment feature, stabilisation is more precise than ever before.

    Convenient compatibility and control

    The SPG Plu features five ¼ inch screw jacks - three on top and two on the bottom of the handles - for attaching lights, microphones, and other accessories. The Feiyu ON and FY Settings apps also allow you to initialise gimbal calibration, update firmware and personalise various parameters on your iPhone.


    Easy single tap to switch between Panning Follow/Panning Lock modes

    Bluetooth shutter

    Five ¼-inch screw jacks - three on top and two on the bottom of the handles - for attaching lights, microphones and other accessories

    Feiyu ON app lets you use Follow Me technology

    Unique sliding arm mechanism easily balances the iPhone in the gimbal

    Já reparou que?

    You can easily use the gimbal rig in both landscape and portrait views.

    Recomendado para

    Capturing stablised, free-floating video footage on your iPhone.

    Conteúdo da caixa

    Feiyu Tech SPG Plus Gimbal Rig for iPhone

    One removable rechargeable lithium battery

    Micro USB cable

    User guide

    1/4-inch screw

    Cold shoe

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    Largura: 2.54 cm/1 in.

    Peso: 318 g

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    Sistema operativo: iOS 8 or later

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    Referência Mfr.: 697007807001

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