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Submitting Modified Source

This page provides a uniform format for developers to post notifications about the availability of modified source. This information can be read on the mailing list

As required by the Apple Public Source License, you must post information about how to obtain source to any Deployed Modifications you have created. This should be a URL which points either to the source itself or to an explanation of how to obtain it.

Please fill out this form. All items except “Notes” are required. You should submit one modification notice for each module, where a module is a single tar file from the original source distribution.

  Personal information
  First Name
  Last Name
  Email Address
  Username [from the Apple Public Source Registration]

Modification Information
  Project name (e.g., Darwin)
  Modification Description [one line]
  URL to obtain modifications
  Name of affected module
  Origination date of affected module
  Modified file(s)
     [List of files]
  Notes [optional]

By submitting this Modification Notice, you are indicating that you have read, accepted, and are complying with the requirements of the Apple Public Source License.

[Submit Modification Notice]
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