Federal SmartPay Store

Shopping Agreement
Not all promotions are appropriate for SmartPay. Follow your usual purchasing guidelines.

Terms & Conditions
The Apple Federal SmartPay Store is designed for federal customers to purchase Apple and third-party products using their federally issued SmartPay credit card.

Only authorized holders of SmartPay cards may use this store.

The products purchased through this store are for use by one or more of the following:

Federal government institutions

 Federal Government

 The Senate

 The House of Representatives

 The Architect of the Capitol and any activities under his/her direction

 Mixed-ownership governement corporations

Federal educational institutions

 U.S. Air Force Academy

 U.S. Naval Academy

 U.S. Coast Guard Academy

 U.S. Naval Post-Graduate School

 West Point

 Department of Defense-dependent schools

Please be aware that not all promotions offered by Apple are appropriate for federal purchases. Details will be given online for each campaign. Follow your usual purchasing quidelines when considering these promotions.

Return Policy
Please note that Apple only permits the return of unopened products due to an Apple shipping or order processing error and that all other sales are final. Refer to the Sales Policies for more information.

Configure-to-order (CTO) products cannot be cancelled or changed after product assembly has begun.

I agree that I am a federally authorized SmartPay card holder and accept the above terms and conditions.

I Accept