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How to use Siri on your Mac

Whether your Mac listens for ”Hey Siri” or responds when the screen is locked Learn more about Siri preferences., “FaceTime Victoria.” "Add Laura to my 10 AM meeting .” “Show my photos from yesterday.” “What time is it in Monterrey, Mexico?” ”Find coffee near me.” Starting with macOS Mojave, you can use Siri to play a sound on a device to help you find it. For example, if you turn on Find My iPhone for your devices, you can ask ”Where's my iPhone?" or ”Where's my Watch?”, For example, you can ask Siri...

Product security certifications, validations, and guidance for iOS

communication solutions for use in federal administration must always pursue the goal of meeting the requirements of modern mobile work as well as the high security requirements that result from the processing of sensitive data. In order to ensure security of supply for the federal administration, it is also important to find several providers. Detailed information is provided in the brochure "Secure mobile work: problem definition, technical requirements and solutions based on the requirements for mobile...

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