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Motion: Polar

Topic covers the Polar filter.

Motion: Distortion filters overview

into a series of tiles, creating a duplicated pattern effect. Glass Distortion simulates the effect of the object being deformed as it shows through a piece of glass. Insect Eye maps a repeating hexagonal distortion pattern to an image, mimicking the POV of an insect. Mirror splits an object in half vertically and reverses the remaining half to create a reflection. Page Curl animates an object as if it is a page peeling away. Poke distorts an object by bowing the edges inward. Polar converts images...

Motion: Apply Pen Tilt

the top or bottom of the tablet). There are five menu options: Absolute: Takes the maximum tilt from any axis. X Only: Measures the tilt only on the X axis. Y Only: Measures the tilt only on the Y axis. Axis: Makes the Tilt Axis parameter (described below) available. Polar : Uses the tilt of the stylus as if it were an angle. When viewed from above, the stylus points in a specific direction. That angle represents a polar value. Tilt Axis: A dial and value slider (available when Calculate Tilt is set...

TV providers that support single sign-on with your iOS device or Apple TV

Cooperative PES Energize Philippi Communications System Phonoscope Cable Pine Pine Belt Communications, Inc. Pine Bluff Cable TV Pineland Telephone Cooperative Pinpoint Communications Pioneer Broadband Pioneer Communications Pioneer DTV Plant TiftNet, Inc. PlayStation Vue PLWC PMT Polar Cablevision Pottawatomie Telephone Co. Premier Communications PSC PTCI QCOL Quality Cablevision Radcliffe Telephone Company Rainbow Communications Rainier Connect Ralls Technologies Randolph Communications RC Technologies...

iBooks Author: Book elements overview

Chapters and sections: A chapter can contain pages, and it can contain sections with pages. For example, a book about mammals could have a chapter called “Bears,” which could contain sections such as “ Polar Bears,” “Grizzly Bears,” and so on. You can also use sections for self-contained content within a chapter, such as lessons, activities, or case studies. Each template contains several chapter and section layouts that you can customize. There are also sections preformatted for copyright, dedication...

Motion 4 - Technical Specifications

Motion 5.1.1 - User Guide

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