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Q: hi i have this anoying problem well the mic on my phone works fine for calls but siri doesnt work or shazam and the camera app, instagrame, but works perfectly on snapchatt i have reset the phone updated it but still nothing

mic problem 

Q: Where do i find the songs i used my iphone to identify?  (windows 10 / itunes 12.8 , 12.9)

If you use Siri to identify the song on your iPhone, it will immediately give you the option to buy it from the iTunes Store.  However, if you don't buy it at that time, I don't think it is saved in a list anywhere.   If you use the Shazam app on the iPhone, it keeps a list of every song you have ever identified.  (At least in my case I can see the song IDs back to 2014.)...

Q: iTunes showing another apple id and asking for its password to update an app

I have several users on my iMac. One of the users has downloaded and installed Shazam . That user hasn't logged in in a while. The other users App Store app icon always shows 1 update but that update is not for their user. When we go to the App Store to update it it is showing the other users apple ID greyed out and wants their password.  Which we don't have.   This just doesn't seem right, why if it knows that it's not for this ID is it saying that it needs to be updated? This is only happening...

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