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Q: emails at various devices

All my emails are set in my different apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iMac...). My office email requires me change the

Q: iPad does not recharge. Tried various chargers

iPad won’t recharge. Tried several connections. In each case, icon for recharging does not show, Check the lightning po

Final Cut Pro X: Glossary

Logic Pro X 10.0 Release Notes

Stability and Reliability Includes various stability and reliability improvements, including, but not limited

Logic Pro X: Glossary

Logic Pro X 10.2 – 10.2.4 release notes

Learn about all Logic Pro X 10.2 updates.

Logic Pro X: Vintage Electric Piano overview

Vintage Electric Piano simulates the sound of various Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos as well as the sound of the Hohner...

Logic Pro X: Sculpture overview

by various objects, the vibration of the string is captured by two movable pickups—you can view these as being similar...

Logic Pro X: Vintage B3 overview

also simulates various types of Leslie sound cabinets—with rotating speakers, with and without deflectors. A flexible integrated...

Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat envelope overview

They are abbreviated as Env 1 to Env 4. In addition to potential use as a modulation source (in the mod pop-up menus of various sound...

Logic Pro X: Alchemy master voice section

also provides high-level control over various attributes of a preset such as polyphony, tuning, and glide. Master voice controls Vol...

Logic Pro X: Sculpture Body EQ overview

violin, or flute. The various models are derived from impulse response recordings of actual instrument bodies

Logic Pro X: Articulation editing overview

articulations for sustained and staccato notes, trills, and falls. Logic Pro offers various ways to choose which articulation to use...

Logic Pro X: Edit the Match EQ filter curve

You can edit the filter curve in the graphic display by adjusting the various points shown in each band.

Logic Pro X: Use ES2 Digiwaves

These are very short samples of the attack transients of various sounds and instruments.

Logic Pro X: EXS24 mkII pitch parameters

when you are emulating various stringed instruments. Tune knob: Raise or lower the pitch of the sampler instrument in semitone increments...

Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat filter section

and the noise generator are sent to the central Filter section (if not bypassed with the various Signal Flow buttons). The Filter...

Logic Pro X: EFM1 overview

Synthesizer basics overview, which will introduce you to the terminology and give you an overview of various synthesis systems...

Logic Pro X: Randomize points in the Sculpture Morph Pad

on the Morph Pad that fall in between the various morph points cause the randomized parameters to interpolate between values...

Logic Pro X: Alchemy source filter use tips

It does, however, offer the option to run a huge number of “operators” (FM filters) in various series and parallel configurations. FM...

Logic Pro X: Filters overview

See Modulation overview. Basic filter types There are several basic filter types. Each has a different effect on various ...

Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat step sequencer interface

the step sequencer on or off, control playback, provide access to various modes, and control the overall playback feel. See...

Logic Pro X: Amp Designer equalizer overview

with various amplifier and EQ combinations, because many can sound good together. EQ parameters EQ pop-up menu: Click the word EQ...

Logic Pro X: Manage articulations with the Articulation Set Editor

in the plug-in header and the various editors. Articulations can be set to be triggered by MIDI channel rather

Logic Pro X: Stringed instrument programming examples

position to a value of 0.14. Activate the Body EQ, and select one of the Guitar models. Adjust the various Body EQ parameters...

Logic Pro X: Vintage Clav overview

of the D6 but also the various string buzzes, key clicks, and the tone of the pickups found in the original instrument. Vintage...

Logic Pro X: Woodwind

from various world cultures.

Logic Pro X: EVOC 20 TrackOscillator Synthesis in parameters

The Synthesis in section controls various aspects of the tracking signal for the synthesizer. The tracking signal...

Logic Pro X: Clip Length settings

Clip length settings let you control how various MIDI messages are handled at the end of a MIDI region.

Logic Pro X: Use Space Designer global parameters

realistic-sounding spaces that are suitable for various signals. If you want to create unnatural sound stages or otherworldly...

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