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Q: Iphone charger and earphone

Is iphone X charger and earphone too covered under 1 year warranty?, Yes, all included accessories will be covered...

Q: Watch won’t stay on off the charger

Apple Watch Series 2 will not stay on off the charger . Battery is fully charge however as soon as it is pulled off...

Q: Charger has to be plugged in a certain side

it continuosly charges then un-charges many times a second (flashes). What is wrong with my charger or iPhone (7)?...

Q: Charger Connection Issues

is that the charger is only recognized and active when it's plugged in at a specific angle (pushed in hard, pressed slightly to the left...

Q: how much does it cost to repair charger port iphone 7?

I need my charger port fixed on my iPhone 7, how much does the repair cost

Q: My iPhone 5s won't turn on while charging it's been dead for 2 days as I've just bought a charger I've tried holding power button and menu button still not turning on or showing apple logo any suggestions

IPhone 5s won't turn on I've stuck the charger in and screen still black, Read all the steps provided in this support...

Q: Charger and lightning cable

which charger and lightning cable to purchase for my iPhone 6s Plus and iPad 3rd generation?  Need the cable to charge...

Q: iPad won’t charger- logo comes up and the sounds like it’s logging on but nothing happens. Battery at 5%screen activated twice then blacked out .

Charging problem - won’t charge 

Q: Screen cracked due to the phone surfaces is always very hot even when it is not on charger

screen broke due to very warm surface

Q: Charger

if my iphone cord broken do u replace them in the store? when i buy my iphone the earpods are not working already, It c

Q: Pls I have I phonex if I plug in charger it will show 0% remaining and it will not charge no matter how long u leave it charging

Iphonex charging problem , I had that issue. Take it to your nearest Apple store genius bar for an evaluation. They rep

Q: Could you please have a Macbook Pro charger waiting for me at the Atlantic City Apple Store - Warranty is under ***

Be there at 5:30 [Re-Titled by Host] , Call the store. We aren't an Apple Store. Make an appointment at the Apple Geniu

Q: Apple Watch series 1 - compatible chargers

but they are not Qi wireless chargers .   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N2WRET4/ref=as_li_ss_tl?linkCode=sl1&slotNum=7&link Id...

Q: Can I use a MacBook Pro connected to the charger all the time? Or will it damage the battery?

Can I use a MacBook Pro connected to the charger all the time? Or will it damage the battery?  , The Apple charger ...

Q: Macbook pro (late 2011) charger broke. what can i do?

Does it turn on when it's not plugged in? If it doesn't, then it is more likely a battery issue and not a charger issue, as long...

Q: Is it safe for my battery life charging my iPhone with an ipad charger?

Can I use iPad charger without harm my battery life?

Q: How much is it to repair the charger port on an iPhone 7?

How much to repair charger port on iPhone 7?, iPhone Service Pricing - Apple Support, iPhone Service Pricing - Apple...

Q: How can i make an appointment to change my charger ?

My charger is not longer working , and won’t charge my phone. I would like to make an appointment to go get a new one...

Q: I need to know what my Ipad tablet charger looks like

My Ipad has frozen and I cannot find the charger .  Please show me a picture.  I have chargers for many things....

Q: Why does my phone say “does not support” whenever I plug my charger in?

you try to charge on an apple charger ?                                    on your computer? Was it working before...

Q: What does orange light on Mac Pro charger mean

What does orange light on Mac Book Pro charger mean?

Q: phone is not recognizing the charger

If my phone is not recognizing the charger being plugged in what do I need to do, Follow these steps:   If your iPhone...

Q: My charger also stopped working

How can I get a replacement on my headphones & charger both have shorta on them, Take them to an Apple store

Q: Can you use a lipstick battery pack charger to charge the apple watch?

Can I use a lipstick battery pack charger to charge my apple watch?

Q: identyfy original charger

How to identify iPhone 8 original charger

Q: Chargers

Can I use my Apple series 1 charger on my Apple series 3, Yes, the same magnetic charging cables are used for all...

Q: my iPhone 6 is paired with my watch series 2 but won't load software update.  I turned both off and on and watch in on charger.  what else can I do?

in on charger .  what else can I do?

Q: My iPhone 6 died and I put it on the charger & it says its charging but does not turn on?

my iPhone 6 was completley dead so I plugged it into the charger and it says it’s charging but has not turned

Q: Charger wont charge my macbook

my charger was working perfectly fine an hour ago. and it  was at 2% when i had to charge

Q: The products needed to replace a lost 2017 13inch MacBook Pro charger.

Hi there, I am looking to replace a lost charger for my 2017 13 inch Macbook Pro. What products do I need to buy