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Redownload music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books from the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store

Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes, and update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Sign in with the Apple ID that you used to buy the item that you want to redownload. Use these steps to see which Apple ID you used to download an item. If you're a member of Apple Music, items that you  download to listen to offline won't appear in your purchased section. If you can’t download or don’t see your past purchase, get help. The steps in this article are for people who are not a member

Download iCloud for Windows

When you download and set up iCloud on your Windows PC, your photos, videos, mail, files, and bookmarks are accessible on all of your devices. If you need help, you can find solutions to common issues or learn more about iCloud for Windows.

QuickTime Downloads

Use Software Update to keep QuickTime up to date on your Mac.

Update to the latest version of iTunes

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, follow these steps to update to the latest version of iTunes. If you don't have iTunes installed on your computer,  download the latest version.

Get the latest version of Safari for your Mac

You can keep Safari up to date by keeping macOS up to date.

Update the iOS software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

If a message says that an update is available, tap Install Now. You can also follow these steps:  Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Tap Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install. If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because iOS needs more space for the update, tap Continue or Cancel. Later, iOS will reinstall apps that it removed. If you tap Cancel, learn what to do next. To update now, tap Install. Or you can tap Later and choose

Books Downloads on iTunes

Browse, buy and download books from your favourite authors on iBooks. iBooks features more than two million biographies, mysteries, comedies, classics, textbooks and so much more.

Podcasts Downloads on iTunes

Stream and download podcasts from your favorite subscriptions and stations on iTunes.

Music Downloads on iTunes

Preview, buy and download music from your favourite artists on iTunes.  

Films and Movies Downloads on iTunes

Preview, buy or rent films in up to 1080p HD on iTunes. Browse more than 65,000 comedies, romances, classics, indies and thrillers, and your downloads will be instantly accessible.

Download OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

The OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

Download iTunes

Download iTunes for Mac or PC and discover a world of endless entertainment. Music, movies, TV shows, and more all come together here.

Download Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator (previously known as iPhone Configuration Utility) makes it easy for anyone to mass configure and deploy iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a school, business, or institution.

Q: I can't download Snapchat on my iPod Touch 4G- it says I need IOS 7 which I can't get. However, I was able to download an older version of the app from iTunes last weekend without any problems. How do I download an earlier version of Snapchat?

Last weekend I was able to download an earlier version of Snapchat from iTunes without any problems. I now won't let me download Snapchat at all, saying it needs IOS 7. Why is it doing this and how can I download an earlier version of Snapchat onto my iPod again? I don't understand why this week it has started saying I need IOS 7, without giving me the option to download an earlier version.   Many Thanks

Q: I've been trying to download macOS Sierra for the last few hours on my Mac, but it's still taking forever to download. Should I download the El Capitan instead? All the websites tell me I need to update my Safari.

I've been trying to download macOS Sierra on my macbook pro iOS 10 for the past few hours and it still has several hours to go. Should I just download the Capitan instead? All the websites are telling me I need to update my Safari or I wouldn't even go through this trouble.

Q: I'm not able to download apps to my iPhone from the App Store. It come "waiting". But never starts downloading. I tried it with wifi and mobile data. Both aren't downloading apps

I'm not able to download apps to my iPhone from the App Store. It come "waiting". But never starts downloading . I tried it with wifi and mobile data. Both aren't downloading apps  Can u find out what is wrong? I'm using iPhone 5s

Q: I have had 200+ iPhone apps awaiting updates in the App Store for about 2 weeks now, and they will not download. I'm also having enormous difficulty downloading any new apps (most simply won't download at all; and the ones that do seem to require 24

Why won't my iPhone update any of my apps or download new ones? I have 249 apps with updates pending.

If you see 'There was an error downloading your purchased music' when you try to download music from iTunes

When you try to download content you bought from the iTunes Store, you might see a message that says "There was an error downloading your purchased music. An unknown error occurred." To fix the issue, check for any issues with third-party security software and remove the cached download file. Then try to download the music again.

Q: How do I set the order of my downloads file to show the most recent download first?

Since installing Sierra, my downloads bin in my dock display, does not show the most recent download at the top of the bin. I think they are alphabetical, but that doesn't help. I can never find the file I just downloaded seconds ago. How do I set the order of that downloads bin for most recent download at the top?

Q: I'm wanting to disable the password requirement for free app downloads on my kids phones.  I have restrictions turned on, password is always required on purchases, and button is turned off to require password for free downloads.  But they are still b

If you have it set for password is always required for purchases, you can't turn off password for free downloads . They are mutually exclusive.

Q: Purchased OSX Lion on macbook from App store, but when I go to download the gray download bar is unresponsive.

I have an old 2008/2009 macbook that recently I had to wipe due to an issue. I purchased snow leopard and got my OSX up to 10.6.6. Now I am ready to download Lion. I purchased this from apple and they sent me the code to download it from the App store. However, when I go the the app store under purchased it does not respond when I click on the download button. I have cleaned out a number of my large files so memory should not be the issue. The download bar is gray with white lettering. I tried

Q: My iPhone 4 can't download apps from web browser(safari) There's a warning message that says "couldn't download the app at this time" and "done" and "retry". What can I do?

Unable to Download App

Q: if im trying to download a free app and there is a buy button when i click to download is the app still free?

OK, no experience with not being signed in, so I only get a price or a Get.   But how can you download if you are not signed in?

Q: My iPhone on music says I cant download past purchases after 90 day and it was download before on the same device. Why is this happening?

Q: I owe Itunes 3$ and I can't download any apps. Tomorrow, I will go to the bank to put some money in my account. After that I can download my apps or there has to pass a couple of days? I have to do something special in order to pay or it is enough to

Q: I have been trying to download a app and I haven't been successful. It tells me to constant support each time. Every other app downloads with no problem.

Q: i am unable to download over 100mb app, how to download over 100mb app

can u suggest me how to download over 100 mb app on celluler data

Q: I need the download for mavericks apple sent me the update and not the download Please Help

I need the download for Mavericks Apple sent me the update only Trying to resolve this for the past 3 Days Please Help

Q: when i try to download fb it tells me that the item is over 100 mb and it never downloads

If you can't get a WiFi connection, you can use iTunes on a computer to download , then sync, the app.

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