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fast charge using other fast charging adaptors

Can i fast charge my Iphone Xs Max using other fast charging adaptors?

MainStage: Randomizer MIDI plug-in

The Logic Pro Randomizer plug-in randomizes incoming MIDI events in real time.

MainStage: Randomize points in the Sculpture Morph Pad

The Logic Pro Sculpture randomize feature creates random variations of selected morph points. Combined with copy/paste, you can auto-generate sounds....

MainStage: Restriction of ES2 randomization

The Logic Pro ES2 Random Group pop-up menu restricts randomization to particular groups of parameters.

MainStage: Use ES2 randomization parameters

Learn about Logic Pro ES2 Randomize parameters.

MainStage: Create random EFM1 sounds

Learn about the Logic Pro EFM1 Randomize feature, which generates new sounds by randomly altering a number of key parameter values....

MainStage: Sculpture note-on random modulators

Use the two Logic Pro Sculpture note-on random sources to create random variations between different notes or voices....

MainStage: Sculpture randomize menu commands

The Logic Pro Sculpture Rnd shortcut menu contains commands that determine which parameters are randomized with the Rnd button and Int slider....

I am getting random calls from strangers through FaceTime. it shows an address from my contacts but is a random person. seems like some kind of hacking????

is there some kind of FaceTime hack going on? I am getting random calls. ID is from my contacts list but strangers are on the other end of the call???/...

Fast charge your iPhone

Use fast charge with certain iPhone models. You can recharge your iPhone up to 50 percent battery in around 30 minutes....

Does Iphone x support 18 W fast charging?

I have iphone x. Can i connect my phone to 18 w fast charger?

Right airpod drains faster than the left

Why does my right airpod drain faster than the left?

iPhone 7 Plus battery drains fast

Battery drains fast [Re-Titled by Moderator]

How much total new RAM can I add to a 2010 iMac that originally had 4G of RAM and now has 8 Gig with 2G in each of the four slots. Also -- by adding more RAM will my computer be faster again?

How much total new RAM can I add to a 2010 iMac that originally had 4G of RAM and now has 8 Gig with 2G in each of the four slots. Also -- by adding more RAM will my computer be faster again?...

Which fast charger is suitable for iphone 8 plus

Which fast charger is suitable for iphone 8 plus

Fast Charging iPad 7th Generation

I have a 7th Generation iPad, and I bought a 30 watt charger for it. The iPad chimes twice and fast charges when plugged in, but apparently only up to 40%, at which point it normal charges, and will only chime once when plugged in. I have not been able to find any official Apple info regarding iPad 7th generation devices and fast charging at all, so does anyone know how the iPad 7th generation (NOT Pro or Air) functions with fast charging? Obviously there is some functionality, but an actual...

18w Apple Fast Charger not charging my 11 Pro Max

I recently purchased a new 18w Fast Charger for my iPhone 11 Pro Max seeing as I bought the phone from an outside provider and it didn’t come with its own. This charger will charge all my other Apple devices, including other iPhones (previous models), but won’t consistently charge my Pro Max. I’ve tried other chargers and they work perfectly well, so I’m assuming it has to do with the Fast Charging feature on my iPhone. I’ve gotten it to charge my phone twice after minutes of fiddling around...

cannot rewind or fast forward in YouTube

Rewind and Fast Forward have stopped working in Apple TV in the YouTube App only

iPhone and iPad fast chargers

I have an iPad Pro 11” 2020 and an iPhone 11 can I purchase fast charger to charge them both

I am sorry for my I phone is full routing in better is veri faster down

My phone is veri charge faster down in charge you help me my better in maximum capacity is 79%

battery capacity going down fast on 13 inch MacBook Pro

Hello, So I recently bought the base model 13 inch MacBook Pro 2020 and have some slight worries about the battery life ever since I received it. When I first used the MacBook it got about 4 hours of battery life going from 76% tot 15%, Didn't think much of it because it was being first used so I thought that that might have something to do with it. after that my battery kept draining quite fast , faster then promised on the site. I installed a tool called coconut battery and got the following...

My Iphone 11 battery is draining fastly

My Iphone 11 battery is draining very fastly , My battery health is 89% Still my phone is in warranty , Can i get the battery replacement ?...

My battery on my MacBook Air go dead real fast

Can someone help me .. my battery on my MacBook Air go dead real fast nothing help. [Re-Titled by Moderator]

Does anyone have a fast draining battery problem on iPad Pro 2020

My new iPad Pro 2020 battery was draining so fast (iOS 13.5.1). In my case battery was down 2% within 6 mins without any app opens....

Battery life degradation way to fast

Hello, I've bought my iPhone 11 in November 2019 with 100% battery life. About two months ago my battery life was at 98%. I've checked today and I was shocked to see it was at 94%. Is this normal? I think its degrading too fast , compared to my previous iPhone where after a year and a few months I was still at 98%. I'm charging with the fast changer that comes with the iPhone 11 pro. Thank you,...

Fast user switching

Trying to use the fast user switching. No option to add my name or guest user name in toolbar. It's not available in system preferences. Is this missing from my Mac or can it be added or turned on somehow? Thanks....

iphone 11 heating up fast

Does anyone face the issue of your iphone 11 heating up fast ? I’m worried of having a hardware issue. I don’t mean like really hot but just able to feel some heat from the back of the phone from just using instagram....

Use other fast charge adopter

Hi I want to use other fast charge brand(Anker) to charge my iPhone 11pro and use it for my wireless charging base as well, because the adaptor of my iPhone only support type-c to lightning cable and my charging base needs type-c to USB or (type-c to type-c cable(if I want to use my iPhone's adaptor)) Is it safe to use another fast charging adapter with the same 18w to charge my iPhone or using another good quality cable?...

Why does my left AirPod charge a lot faster than the right?

My left AirPod is like 50% behind the right one, any help? [Re-Titled by Moderator]

MacBook Pro 16" battery drain so fast

recently bought MacBook Pro 16". Is it normal for this laptop that the battery drain so fast from 100% to 20% in just 3 hours? Just checking email, browsing internet using Safari or Chrome. Going to YouTube (30 to 40 mins)....

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