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Find cables, charging docks and external batteries for iPhone . Charge and sync up your iPhone . Buy online with fast, free shipping....

Q: If my iPhone charger broke can I go to apple to get another one free ?

If my iPhone charger broke can I go to apple to get another one free ?

Q: iPhone charger not working

my phone isnt taking charger and is not showing the charging sign or the not charging sign.its been a wall charger for more than 20 min and i have tried alternative chargers ...

Exchange and Repair Extension Programs

This page lists all programs currently offered by Apple, including Replacement programs, Exchange programs, Repair Extension programs and Recalls.

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won't charge

If your battery won't charge or charges slowly or if you see an alert message, learn what to do.

Q: Is it my phone? Or charger?

I’ve checked for shortages In the charger and checked my charging port for lint and stuff. The charger doesn’t charge my phone , but when i power it off and plug in the charger , my phone turn on...

Q: Hi, my macbooK went off while removing iPhone charger, and I couldn’t on it. Any help?

Hi, Last night I have tried to charge my phone with my MacBook Pro, when removing charge laptop went off till now I couldn't on my Mac. Could you kindly help...

Q: Can my iPhone wireless charger charge an Apple Watch?

I have a wireless charger for my iPhone X and want to use it with a new Apple Watch

Q: Mi iPhone wont charger they tell meits Lessing s para from the charging circut 6s+

So i b ought my iPhone 6s+ and it doesnt charge they tried a new battery and it wouldnt work. To unlock my phone finger print doesn't work either....

Q: Can I charge my 6S IPhone using wireless charger?

My wife got a wireless charger with her Samsung 9s+. Can I charge my 6s with thi charger ?

Q: iphone 8 wireless charger watt?

I have a iphone 8 plus and bought a wireless charger which is Baseus brand.When I use the iPhone charger adapter ,it charges very slow.Can I use iPad adapter to charge or is it  harmful to use iPad adapter to charge?.Any limitation to use for iPhone about adapter?...

Q: damaged charger port iPhone SE

The charger port on my less than year old iPhone SE is damaged. Either from charger cord tip dislodging in it or something else. I can't plug any charger cord into port.  So had get replacement. I can't, however, open device to delete settings or content before sending damaged phone back. Is this a worry?  I do back it up to iTunes and most of what I need somehow transferred to new iPhone 6.  Except Apps. But when I tried run backup it said can't because old software (which is BS...

Q: Charging my Iphone 8 Plus with Ipad Charger?

Is it safe to daily charge my iphone with the 12w charger that comes with the Ipad? I daily use a 10w wireless charger and the standard 5w charger ....

Q: I want to buy a new charger for my iPhone 7, which one is recommended and where to buy please let me know.

I want to buy a new charger for my iPhone 7, which one is recommended and where to buy please let me know....

Q: Whats the highest wattage wireless charger recommended for the iPhone XS Max?

What is the highest wattage wireless charger recommended for the iPhone XS Max?

Q: My iPhone 6 speaker, headphone jack and charger stopped working!

Okay, so a couple days ago I was able to listen to music, charge my phone etc etc.. but yesterday I tried charging my phone and it was acting really slow, then I tried using my headphones but the sound was coming thru, and neither was music playing thru the speaker, but a little while ago I squeezed my phone out of frustration and it started working but only while I applied pressure.. what should I do?...

Q: my phone is included in the charger but it does not charge me. why so

my phone is included in the charger but it does not charge me. why so

How to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later

Learn how to wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 or later with Qi-certified charging accessories.

Wirelessly charging your iPhone 8 or later with a built-in car charger

Many cars have built-in Qi-certified wireless chargers that work with your iPhone 8 or later.

Q: Charger being very hot while it dangerous to phone?!

Iphone x ..12w ipad charger

Q: Why does my iPhone 8 Plus won’t charge with a charger that I just bought like 2 weeks ago

My iPhone don’t charge with an almost new charger

Q: My iphone x battery is on 93% i am using 29 w Apple charger should I use it regular or not

Iphone batter capacity 

Q: I have an iPhone 6s , suddenly it turned off while its battery was 70% , when I turned it on it becomes 1% then become 70% in 5 sec  , after that every 3 minutes I restart by it self , and the same when I plugged it into charger , it turn on by itsel

And battery icon don't appear while the phone is turned off

Q: My iPhone X stopped charging on the wireless chargers

My iPhone X stopped charging on the wireless chargers I have 3 wireless chargers . What can I do?

Q: My sons phone is less than a year old and it had went dead it showed the dead screen battery with charger on it...

now After charging with orig charger it only shows a blue screen and will not do anything else, do I have to have original box and stuff to have this fixed under the one year warrantY ? Can they fix it with the warranty?...

Q: My iPhone is stuck on the screen with the iTunes logo and the charger cord cable what do I do

See the instructions in: If you see the Connect to iTunes screen on your iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support...

Q: What is the best wireless charger I should buy that I can use with my iPhone 8?

ryancola29,   Hmm, cheapest and trustworthy do not always go together.   These are recommended:   Power & Cables - iPhone Accessories - Apple   Good luck....

Q: My iphone wont charge and nothing is wrong with my charger (i have 7 )

my iphone 7+ wont charge and i used a couple different charges so i know that its the phone . How can i fix it or what can I do...

Q: Which fast charger i can use for my iphone x

I have got iphone x and its takes to long to charge with its supplied charger.which one you recommend for fast charging...

Apple Battery Charger

Battery Charger 2 English Quick Start Use the Apple Battery Charger to charge rechargeable NiMH batteries for your Apple products that use AA batteries. Charging Batteries You can use the Apple Battery Charger to charge either one or two rechargeable NiMH batteries. To charge batteries fully, allow at least five hours of charging time. To charge the batteries: 1 Insert the batteries with the positive (+) end facing up, as shown here. 3English 2 Extend the prongs and plug the charger ...

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