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Q: Bluetooth Neon wireless Earphones.  Are not listed on my iphone6s device list. S1is the only device listed. Hbluetooth earphones are not listed on bluetooth device list how do I connect them.

Blietooth Neon Earphones .  Turned on bluetooth on my iphone 6s.  Only device listed on my “connect” list is S1

Charge your Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones

Make sure that your earphones have power when you need them.

Pair your Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Mac

Powerbeats2 Wireless earphones remember up to eight devices and automatically connect with the last paired device....

How to send your Beats earphones to Apple for repair in Europe

your defective Beats earphones to Apple. When you’ve got your box: Put your Beats earphones in the plastic bag. Don't include...

How to send your Beats earphones to Apple for repair in the United States and Canada

a kit that contains everything you need to return your defective Beats earphones to Apple. When you’ve got your box: Put...

Q: earphones not working only 3 days of use help please

hi, i recently got the 8 plus 3 days ago and today i was listening to music through the earphones , the music stopped...

Q: Looking for specific details to connect my bth175 earphones to my iPhone x

Looking for specific directions to pair my bth175 earphones with my iPhone x

Q: Can I receive new earphones?

My left Earphone for My iPhone 8 isnt working properly and is very low, I only got the phone a few weeks ago

Q: Earphone replacement

Hello, after 8 months of having my earphones for the iPhone 7 plis they suddenly stopped working

Q: Left apple earphone not working

I’ve only had my new iPhone 7 for about 3 months and yesterdya my left earphone stopped working, I’ve turend my phone...

Q: I want to purchase wireless earphone

I want ti purchase iPhone 8 wireless earphone

Q: What earphone port comes on iPhone 7 and higher? The flat clog in or the round?

when purchasing a new iPhone 7 and higher in the box you get your phone, earphones and a little cable that switches...

Q: IOS 12 update messed up earphones

Hey up, does anyone know how to fix the earphone issue, earphones worked fine, could skip tracks, rewind, stop/play...

Q: How can I get a new pair of iPhone 7+ earphones?

my earphones broke and I bought my phone really recently and I lost my old pair of headphones with the adapter bit...

Q: Replaced earphones guarantee

Hi, I bought a couple of new earphones in December 2016. They were replaced in September 2017 and I was given a new...

Q: Earphones only working in one ear

My earphones -apple brand- (the ones with the lightning connector) only work in one ear, is there a way to fix this?...

Q: My iphone 7 isnt detecting any earphones when i plug them in

My iPhone works when i plug in a charger but when i plug in my earphones it doesn’t detect them and sound plays

Q: Earphones

I have a pair of apple earphones But i don't have the bill I lost my bill and now my earphones not working properly...

Q: My iPhone 7’s earpiece is extremely quiet

I bought a used Iphone 7 but later noticed that earpiece is extremely quiet. I can’t even hear well in a room

Q: My earphones haven’t been delivered

I ordered some earphones mid June of this year and haven been getting emails of them being posted and the different...

Q: How to fix water damage to iPhone 7+ earpiece speaker?

I have tried everything I’ve read about and nothing has worked. I’ve put my phone in a bag of rice, I’ve tried dabbing r

Q: How to check earphones warranty?

How to check my apple new earpods

Will apple insurance replace lost earphones?

Will apple insurance replace lost earphones ?

Final Cut Pro X: Manually white-balance a clip

It’s easy to quickly correct the white balance of your video footage.

Aperture: Working with images shot in black and white

Many cameras have a black and white mode. In many cases, images you shoot in black and white on the camera...

Aperture 3.3.2 or later: Best results with automatic white balance when adjusting photos of people

Skin Tone white balance mode that can use the faces in your photos to correct the white balance.

About the Apple ProRes White Papers

Read the Apple ProRes white papers for in-depth information about the ProRes family of codecs and Apple ProRes RAW....

About the transition to Compressor 4.1 white paper

Learn about the transition to Compressor 4.1 white paper.

Aperture 3.5: How to hide the white menu bar on a secondary display

with a second display in Aperture 3.5, the white menu bar will be visible on the second display (even when you are in full screen...

If the colors on your Mac screen are inverted or black and white

If all the colors on your screen are suddenly inverted or black and white , you might have pressed Control-Option

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