Apple TV lets you play games and movies — without picking up the remote. Navigate onscreen items with Switch Control or a Bluetooth keyboard. And you can customise the Touch surface to match your preferred control style.

Switch Control Play games and movies. Without a remote.

Switch Control on Apple TV

Switch Control is a powerful accessibility technology for people with extensive physical motor limitations. It allows you to navigate sequentially through onscreen items so you can select, tap, drag, type, control your media playback and more using Bluetooth-enabled switch hardware. And with Platform Switching, you can control your Apple TV directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac, without having to set up your switches on each new device.1

Bluetooth Keyboard Navigate Apple TV faster with a keyboard.

As an alternative to using gestures or Switch Control, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard to navigate Apple TV and enter text.2

Switch Control on Apple TV

Dictation Talk wherever you would type.

You can use Dictation to enter text in search fields and sign in to apps with your voice by spelling out your user name and password.

Touch Surface Sensitivity Adjust your remote to work for you.

Customise the Touch surface on the Apple TV Remote to match your preferred control style. Set Tracking to Fast to make your smaller thumb movements go further on the screen. Or set Tracking to Slow, so your larger movements will move a smaller distance.



User Guides

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Learn more with the Apple TV User Guide

Enable accessibility features on Apple TV.

  1. Open settings and select General.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select the features you want to use.

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