Osmo Coding Jam Game

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  • Overview

    Osmo's Coding Jam Game for iPad combines coding and music to give kids twice the fun. By arranging the included Coding Blocks into patterns and sequences, children can compose their own music. This happy, hands-on play also cleverly introduces them to coding.

    Learn with Osmo's hands-on coding language

    Research shows that tangible blocks are a game changer when it comes to helping kids learn. Each of Osmo's blocks is a programming command that your child can use to create unique jams. As kids discover coding blocks, they quickly turn up the volume of fun - and learning.

    Worlds filled with musical characters

    From prehistoric cave beats, to interplanetary pings, to science-lab techno grooves, kids playfully code sounds from widely varying character worlds to create their own unique beats.

    More blocks for more creativity

    Osmo Coding Jam comes with a set of core blocks plus a collection of unique blocks for the full game experience. And for even more coding experimentation and fun, you can mix and match blocks across Osmo coding games.


    Coding Blocks let kids create explosive beats

    Helps kids learn codingʼs creative side, whilst developing an ear for rhythm, melody and harmony

    Safely share jams with friends, family and the jam community

    Includes a core set of blocks along with a unique set of music-related blocks - add more blocks for even more fun

    Designed for children ages 5 through 12

    Requires Osmo Base (sold separately)

    Did You Notice?

    Each Coding Block provides a simple programming command to the game - add more Blocks and the game reaches new levels of fun.

    Apple Recommends For

    Learning to code whilst creating exciting musical jams on your iPad.

    What’s in the Box

    23 magnetic coding blocks required to play the Osmo Coding Jam app

    Plastic storage container

    Requires Osmo Base (sold separately)

    Tech Specs

    Weight: 590 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: 902-00002

    UPC or EAN No.: 858528005379


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