UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture Trainer

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Meet The World's Smartest Posture Trainer

UPRIGHT GO 2: How it Works

[Music plays]

[We see a man slouching at his desk, the UPRIGHT App displayed next to him. The App shows Avi, a stick figure who mirrors your posture in real-time. As the man sits upright, Avi becomes upright and turns from red to green.]

[We see the same man slouching from behind. A red crooked line is overlayed on his back to highlight his bad posture. As he sits upright, the line becomes straight and turns green.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "This device corrects your slouching habit"]

[Close up of a person's hands opening the UPRIGHT GO 2 plastic storage case.]

[The screen goes all white, UPRIGHT GO 2 logo rises up from the bottom, followed by the device on a pedestal.]

[We see a woman putting the UPRIGHT GO 2 onto her back.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Simply place it on your back"]

[The Woman then shows how to sync the UPRIGHT GO 2 with the UPRIGHT App on her Apple phone.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Sync it to your Apple device"]

[Now the woman shows how Avi mirrors her posture correction in real time.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Correct your posture when it vibrates"]

[We see two men sitting slouched at their desks.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "You will go from this"]

[The two man sit upright and the text on screen flips over revealing the next words.]


[We see a woman slouched at her desk and the UPRIGHT App showing her posture in real-time. As she sits upright, Avi becomes upright and turns from red to green.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Train with real-time posture feedback"]

[We see the UPRIGHT GO 2 under animated text. Three Apple devices appear on screen: a Macbook Pro, iPhone and Appple Watch.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Syncs across all your devices"]

[A woman holds her iPhone in front of an iMac computer. An animation shows Avi jumping from the Mobile App onto the Desktop App.]

[TEXT ON SCREEN: "Exclusive Desktop App for Mac"]

[Large text animates onto a white screen.]


[We see a woman, moving her hair aside to show the UPRIGHT GO 2 device on her back.]

[Large text animates onto a white screen.]


[We see a woman in active wear, standing a bit hunched over. She then feels the device vibrate and stands upright.]

[Large text animates onto a white screen.]


[A man playing the cello slowly sits upright.]

The screen goes all white, UPRIGHT GO 2 logo rises up from the bottom, followed by the device on a pedestal.

  • Overview

    The UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer is a unique, smart device that works by itself or with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you improve your posture. The discreet trainer attaches to your upper back* and alerts you with a gentle vibration when you’re slouching — training you to achieve and maintain perfect posture.


    Discreet, comfortable-to-wear device attaches to your upper back*

    Real-time bio-feedback via gentle vibration gives you just enough time to straighten to an upright position

    Helps you strengthen core muscles

    Designed to get results within two weeks of use

    App on iPhone or iPad provides individual training plan based on your personal profile

    App tracks posture and maintains training stats

    A single charge lasts approximately 30 hours

    What’s in the Box

    UPRIGHT GO 2 posture trainer

    Adhesive removal tool

    Reusable silicone adhesives

    Alcohol pads

    User manual


    Tech Specs

    Input Type: USB

    Other Features: Charging, Wireless, Health App Compatible

    Internet Access: Some Features Require Internet Access

    Cable length: 75 cm/29.52 in.

    Connections: USB-C

    Power: 0.43Wh

    Power Source: Battery

    Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

    Battery life: Approximately 30 hours

    Charge Time: Approximately three hours

    Height: 4.8 cm/1.89 in.

    Width: 2.89 cm/1.14 in.

    Depth: 0.86 cm/0.34 in.

    Manufacturer Information


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    Manufacturer note

    *Adhesives may last several weeks with proper cleaning and maintenance before needing to be replaced.

    Lithium-Based Battery Shipments

    Due to standalone lithium-based battery shipping restrictions, this product may only ship via ground and is subject to domestic and international shipping requirements. If the final ship-to address cannot be shipped to via ground, the order may be subject to cancellation.

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